The Secret Power of Femininity

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In a world where we are often lead to believe that mostly men make it to the top in business, where in many cultures it is still the men that rule, it is important to take a step back and realise the power of femininity.

Fact is that feminine power has nothing to do with gender. Both men and women can have feminine powers – it is about energy. Masculine and feminine energy exit simultaneously, one cannot exist without the other. Rather than focusing on your masculine energy to move forward, (something I know I used a lot when I was younger), now is the time to let your feminine powers shine. One of the most beautiful things about living consciously for me has been realising the true power of feminine energy.

Whilst masculine energy is aggressive, out there for the world to see. Feminine power is more mysterious and inward – only available for the right people to see. It is not about competition, rather inclusion and acceptance. Feminine energy, possess qualities like nurturing, gathering, being present, passive, peaceful, and soft. This type of energy can have a much more longer term positive effect than many of us realise. It is all about using it wisely.

Using your feminine powers consciously can be one of the most sustainably rewarding experiences you will ever have. Further in this article I outline 5 ways to increase your feminine power. Anyone can do it.


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The Secret Power of Femininity

Here for the 5 ways to increase your feminine power:
1.Energy Fashion

Believe it or not, wearing clothes charged with positive energy raises your positive vibrations and in turn brings the positive energy to you. With this mindset, your outlook on life becomes more positive, and your appreciation for life increases.

I’m wearing an outfit from ANNEX Boutique. The beautiful quality of their fabrics, stunning colours and feminine designs always make me feel special when I wear one of their outfits. This in turn leads to positive energy.


2. Immerse yourself in nature

Simply going for a walk or gardening helps you enter a meditative state that allows your thoughts and feelings to be accessible. Clearing your mind a little like meditation, leading to a deeper connection within the self.


3. Embrace your emotions

Instead of thinking of emotions as being a weakness embrace and accept them. Once you do this consciously you will also learn how to deal with them and stay strong at the same time.


4. Trust your intuition

Intuition is something we have for a reason. It is difficult to explain to someone else as often there is no tangible evidence. However if you are truly at one with your intuition you will find it always leads you in the right direction. Meditation can help improve your intuition skills.


5. Be present and conscious about the world around you

This is my most favourite part of feminine power as it is about taking time to smell the air and think of what it reminds you of. It’s about going for a picnic at the lake or in the forest. It’s about having that little piece of chocolate you are craving or treating yourself to that skirt or electronic gadget you have been dreaming of for weeks.

This is where you free yourself and embrace the thought that life is happening for you.



Outfit details:

ANNEX Boutique

Augustinergasse 52, 8001 Zürich

+41 44 221 09 79


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