A Touch of Blue Zone for Your Skin

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As an introduction a Blue Zone is a place in the world where people tend to live the longest. Reading a book about the world’s Blue Zones, inspired Manuela Stanisic to create her own skin care line, EJO cosmetics.

Of course diet plays a major role for people living in the Blue Zones. What you put into your body is also going to have an impact on how you look on the outside. However your diet can be the best ever – if you put creams containing poisonous ingredients on your skin it will still be detrimental.

EJO cosmetics only use non-toxic and sustainably sourced ingredients. Ingredients which have been identified as essential in the Blue Zones. There are also no harmful chemicals contained in either the creams or serums.

Manuela assured me I would notice a real change in my skin once I used the EJO range for 3 weeks. I have tried many good creams/serums so I wasn’t necessarily convinced this would be the case. However, when I started using EJO cosmetics I had already had a huge red patch on my neck for at least a month. I had tried many creams – also prescription – however nothing had helped. Amazingly after 5 days of starting using EJO cosmetics the red patch had totally vanished. I was honestly relieved and super impressed!

So what is in these wonderful Blue Zone inspired creams and should YOU be using them?

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A Touch of Blue Zone for Your Skin

A Touch of Blue Zone for Your Skin

Anti-aging & skin minimalism

Anti-aging and longevity is certainly around two factors: using good plant extracts and the concept of minimalism. Minimalism in both what goes into and onto your body.

EJO cosmetics have been created in such a way that there is only one set of 4 pots. Two creams and two serums. One set for day and one set for night. Both are suitable for absolutely every skin type. This could only be achieved by using carefully put together natural ingredients. It however also means EJO cosmetics are perfect for YOU too, regardless of your skin type.

EJO cosmetics have been on the market for 8 years now and are continually being tested to ensure there are no allergic reactions.


A Touch of Blue Zone for Your Skin

The Magic Ingredients:

Black Sesame Oil: Contained within the EJO Day Cream. Black Sesame Oil is also a natural sunscreen as well as having powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidation properties.

Rose Hip Organic Oil: Contained within the EJO Night Cream. Rose Hip Oil contains vitamin A and omegas 3,6,9, which provide moisture and deliver nutrients to dry skin. It helps to strengthen the skin barrier and will leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Hyaluronic Acid: Contained in the EJO Night Cream and Serum. Hyaluronic Acid is great for  providing the skin moisture and cell renewal.

Cassava Root: Contained within the EJO Intense Serum Booster. Cassava Root is good for skin therapy as it is a fantastic source of vitamin C,  wonderful for boosting immunological health and natural collagen synthesis. It leaves skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.



Every woman has the right to skin that looks and feels beautiful. This is what EJO cosmetics has achieved for me.

I love the fact that it is fairly priced.  Plus that the packaging is simple but beautiful. Containers are made of glass to be eco-friendly. I love the pleasant smell of each of the 4 products. Another added benefit for me is the knowledge that the whole EJO cosmetic range is produced locally in Zurich. Finally it really did help me get rid of a skin problem – the red mark on my neck.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.




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