Paris Fashion Week – a bit of Street Style!

Don´t think I´m only focused on the runways! I decided to show you in the betweens some street style. Paris Fashion Week… I knew I had an excelent reason why this one was my favorite!

It´s not all, i´ll keep posting street style straight from Paris until the FW ends! 🙂

Photos: Diego Zuko




hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-14-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-26-lg

hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-27-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-31-lg

hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day3-06-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day3-09-lg

hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day3-12-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day3-21-lg

hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day3-37-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day3-40-lg

hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day3-41-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day4-04-lg

hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day4-08-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day4-21-lg


hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day4-23-lg hbz-pfw-ss2015-street-style-day4-24-lg


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