MLX – Legacy – it’s Lisbon fashion week time!

Most of you probably don’t know (I wouldn’t know if I didn’t live here) , but Lisbon has hosted a fashion week and Portuguese designers are presenting their proposals to spring/summer 2015. This year has been marked with our traditions related to the sea, giving a bit of our history. The predominant colors are – like everyone expected – pastels and white. Nevertheless, I was very pleased to see that grays are a constant on the runways since it is such a sophisticated color, and lately I’ve been wearing it even more than I use to. About the trends… We’ve seen transparencies; military; detailed one colored pieces; sporting. When it comes to accessorize, I believe they nailed it – geometric clutches; backpacks have come definitely to stay; metallics (a trend I’ll tell you a bit more in another post); the combination of comfort needed in your working schedule with sophistication and lots of coolness.



eureka6 eureka7

eureka8 eureka9

eureka10 eureka11



eureka20 eureka21



eureka27 eureka28 eureka29eureka16



Christopher Sauvat

christophe sauvat1 christophe sauvat2

christophe sauvat3 christophe sauvat4

christophe sauvat5 christophe sauvat6

christophe sauvat7

Miguel Vieira

miguel vieira 1 miguel vieira 4

miguel vieira 5 miguel vieira 6

miguel vieira 7 miguel vieira 8

miguel vieira2 miguel vieira3

Ricardo Preto

ricardo preto1 ricardo preto2

ricardo preto3 ricardo preto4


saymyname1 saymyname2

saymyname3 saymyname4

saymyname5 saymyname6

So, what do you think? 🙂


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