Space Wallet 

It’s a thing for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter (and also pre-fall, resort, you know how that works…) and it’s up to you to make it work because obviously you won’t be able to carry your house inside your tiny bag just like you did with your tote. 

I’m a very practical person so I only carry with me my essentials for the day (forget about giant make up purses and food). I also am a very big fan of this mini bag trend which you might have guessed from Instagram so my biggest problems are my phone (why do phones have to be so big these days?) and my extra large Lichtenstein-style wallet that doesn’t fit 80% of my bags (no jokes). That leads to several problems, including the struggle to find free space for irrelevant stuff like house keys (who needs them anyways?).

Fashion is not practical all the time. We find ourselves trying to keep up with the coolest yet sometimes most uncomfortable and inconvenient trends so I really appreciate when young entrepreneurs come and save the day.

That said, I was more than thrilled when my Space Wallets arrived. They’re literally the smallest and cutest wallets I’ve seen but also the most practical. They fit perfectly my tiniest bag and I don’t have to choose anymore which cards to bring with me – I can bring them all (and we’re talking about more than 10 cards because… You know… Discounts). Plus, I don’t always carry coins with me so I figured that I could also use the little pocket to keep my headphones safe from getting lost inside my bags. The extra pocket keeps your bills safe (trust me, I’ve tested it). 

The Space Wallet comes in 3 different models each with many different colors and you can even personalize them. Of course I had to choose the ones with stripes… Be sure to check their website and Instagram page to see them! 

Portuguese Version

Uma das novas tendências que nos vai (continuar) a acompanhar ao longo das próximas estações são as mini-malas nas quais só cabem mesmo os essenciais. Cabe-nos não tentar levar a casa inteira para onde quer que vamos, como é hábito em malas grandes. 

Dado que sou uma pessoa extremamente prática, por norma ando apenas com o essencial (nada de grandes bolsas de maquilhagem ou comida). Também sou, como já devem ter adivinhado pelo Instagram, uma grande fã destas mini malas, o que significa que os meus maiores problemas são guardar o telemóvel e a  minha carteira Lichtenstein-style gigante que não cabe em 80% das minhas malas. Isto envolve problemas, designadamente a luta constante para guardar coisas ‘irrelevantes’ como as chaves de casa… 

Acompanhar algumas tendências não tão práticas ou até mesmo inconvenientes não é fácil. É aí que entra o papel dos jovens empreendedores. 

As Space Wallets são as carteirinhas mais pequenas, adoráveis e práticas que eu já vi. Cabem perfeitamente na minha mala mais pequena e guardam todos os meus cartões (têm capacidade para guardar até 20 cartões). Para além disso, como nem sempre ando com moedas, uso o bolso das moedas para guardar os meus headphones (e evitar que se percam). Há três modelos diferentes e imensas cores por onde escolher ( lógico que optei por dois padrões diferentes mas os dois com riscas). Vale a pena espreitar o site e o instagram! 

Disclaimer: The Space Wallets were kindly sent to me but all opinions are my own. 


25 thoughts on “Space Wallet 

  1. Gosh, I know exactly what you’re talking about and I always have the same problem too, nothing fits in my bag especially as my purse is massive and like you said, phone are quite big too nowadays! I really love these space wallets and I will TOTALLY check them out and purchase eventually too! Awesome idea and once again my dear, very inspirational ❤️ Have an awesome week, xoxo

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    • Thank you so much my dear! Your comments always make me feel so happy 🙂 I’ve tested those wallets on every small bag I own (and as you know, I have a lot of bags 😅) and I couldn’t be more happy. About phones… Well I know it’s very good to have a smartphone that basically does everything but I’m still tempted to buy a smaller one. I wish I kept my old nokia! Don’t you feel like sometimes the only place it fits is your hand? I hate when that happens 😂
      Have a wonderful day babe ❤️


    • No need to thank me dear! I really enjoyed it 🙂 that’s so great to know! I don’t think anyone ever said that to me… Well, I guess there’s a bit too much of myself on my posts 😅 thank you for words and have a wonderful day! 😘


  2. It is another style to take cards, money etc., but if you want to find some card and you have it there about 10 then you have to take out all that cards to find the correct one. Am I true? As you write, fashion is somethimes not practical but trendy. 🙂 In any case, this is good article to present something new and extraordinary. Great job! 🙂


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    • I thought that too, that wouldn’t be practical at all! But that’s not actually what happens (thank God!). Because the place for the cards is an elastic pocket you can pull them without fully take them out of the wallet and see which do you want to use! There’s a video on their website showing you and I can say it was one of the first things I tried and it really went very well. There’s also a small extra little pocket (which I don’t have but I saw they also sell it) to carry magnetic cards. I hope I was able to properly explain to you the card situation dear 😅 thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate your honesty 😊 have a wonderful day 😘


  3. Such a great post. I am like you I only carry in my bag what I need. No makeup bag at all. Really why do phones have to be that big though. I love the humour. The wallets are so cute

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    • Thank you for understanding me! I feel like most of people carry their houses inside their bags 😂 I’m really glad you liked it! Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂


  4. I really understand what you re talking about! It’s same for me!
    Love this post and your pictures are really amazing and very inspiring..

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  5. I have to deal with the same issue. All my wallets don’t fit into my minis and I end up losing my bills. I am a big fan of small bags just like u . I love all ur bag collection, its simple yet so many statement bags u have .I definitely need one of ur space wallets too. Thank u for ur comment. I do my own makeup except for the last post . I am wearing false eyelashes in the recent post.
    Have a great day darling. See u on Instagram.


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    • Thank you so much for stopping by dear! I’m really glad to know I’m not alone in this small bag thing 😊 space wallets really solved my problem. My only issue now is my phone (doesn’t fit some of my bags). I have a passion for accessories. I think them can instantly transform every look into something really cool and stylish. That’s why I own so many statement bags! It’s really impressive how you can do your own makeup and look so perfect my dear, I wish I could do the same! I tried false eyelashes once, but I don’t think it works for me 😅 have a wonderful day and see you on Instagram 😘


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