Essential Summer Trends to Pack 

Trouble packing – who doesn’t have it? I certainly do…I know I need to pack light but the fear of forgetting something tempts me every time I look at my suitcase. This post is your (and mine!) ultimate guide to pack summer essentials (and by that I mean the latest summer trends) and combine them. The main goal? Being able to close the suitcase without sitting on top of it. So grab a post-it and take as many notes as you need cause I’ve prepared a selection of very ‘instagramable’ pieces.

Bikini & Swimsuit 

Two very easy things to pack that will allow you to create some very stylish outfits. The swimsuit can easily be transformed into a body that you can wear with shorts, jeans, flare pants or maxi skirts. Your creativity is your limit. I own several swimsuits (i´m guilty of finding them very flattering and elegant pieces, much more than bikinis) and frequently wear them out.

As for the bikinis, this season (just like last year) it´s difficult to understand the difference between some bikini tops and a crop top. Maybe it´s the universe telling you to wear your bikini top with high waist pants and spare a little extra room in your suitcase.

1) Moschino; 2) Blue Man; 3) Missoni


Just a quick question… How do you pack your hats?

Crochet and Lace  

I´m a big fan of anything crochet (except for ugly granny-style cloths) and lace so some of my favorite cover ups are beautiful see-through pieces that you´ll want to wear both on the beach and to go out on warm summer nights or even during daytime. It will all depend on how you style them. I usually go for jeans and denim shorts and add some cool wedges instead of flats.


Meet my Pull&Bear crochet swimsuit that I often use as a body. Paired it with high jeans from Mango, a Fossil watch and Raybans.


Sets, Light Dresses & Jumpsuits

Matchy-matchy is a thing. And what better way to do it than wear a two-piece? If you feel like wearing it together, do it. If you don´t, congratulations! You just won two more different outfits 😉

A wise man once said “a jumpsuit a day makes you forget that you´re having a bad hair day”. Ok, it wasn´t a wise man. It was me. But it has been my motto when it comes to bad hair days. Just tie your hair in a cute up-do or a high pony-tail and the attentions will all go straight to the jumpsuit.

Light dresses, silk dresses, slip dresses, everything that you usually take to the beach with flip-flops but can also wear daily with gladiator sandals or at night with heels. Again, the power of good accessories will amaze you and help you transform your outfits throughout the day.

Women´secret Espadrilles and Oysho dress.


The biggest and most-seen-on-social-media trend (check this post for some cool ideas to wear off-shoulders) is also the most versatile. The trick, once again, it´s to master your accessory game. I´ve made a small chart to give you some ideas to improve any off-shoulders look and take it to another level (those levels being the beach, a casual night out, a daily outfit, or an occasion that requires shiny jewelry).


Flats and wedges. Pack them both. Why? See all the other trends above.

From top left: 1) Pierre Hardy; 2) Paloma Barceló: 3) Paloma Barceló; 4) Soludos





28 thoughts on “Essential Summer Trends to Pack 

  1. Absolutely loved this post Filipa!! I’m travelling next week and I’m always an over-packer but this was so helpful! And I love your wise words about the jumpsuits-so true! Jumpsuits always draw attention, I need to wear mine more! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you dear Kathryn! I’m really glad you liked it and I hope I was able to give you some useful tips 🙂 have a wonderful weekend my dear 😘


  2. Adorei o post Filipa! Tens ótimas dicas, vou seguir algumas com toda a certeza!
    Fazer uma boa mala de viagem é quase uma arte:)
    Cada vez mais, vou conseguindo levar só o essencial mas a taquicardia persiste na hora de fechar a mala!! Acho que nunca vou conseguir ser pragmática a fazer a mala…


    • Muito obrigada querida Isabel! É verdade… Eu que o diga… Da última vez que tive de fazer uma mala de viagem rebentei um dos fechos de tão cheia de estava! O ‘essencial’ é tanta coisa para por numa malinha só 😁
      Tem um óptimo fim de semana Isabel 😘


    • Thank you so much my dear! I choose basically the bikinis I’ve been wanting to buy 😏 Don’t worry too much about that bikini body stuff (I don’t either) because summer is for ice cream 😁 Have a great weekend too 😘


  3. Hey Guapa, I had to smile when I started to read your post. Why? Because I ALWAYS have exactly this problem when I am packing. I end up packing way too much and I don’t even use 60% of it, such a wasted space. I like how you only focus on the most essential and trendy stuff… and you are so right to do so. Like I said before, I love the idea with the swimsuit by transforming it into a regular top! Never thought of this before until I read it in your instagram post! The hat thing… a very tricky one.. but I am a bit too comfortable I guess as I just put it in the suitcase like a regular item… and I gotta say, it never really got “destroyed”, can’t be too bad then? Very good and inspirational post hun, was like always a pleasure reading it! Have an awesome weekend, lotsa luv!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s exactly the reason why this year I’m trying to pack less but trendier pieces! Just like you, I’m used to pack a lot of stuff that I never use… Last Easter I broke one of my travel bag zippers because I packed and excessive amount of knitwear that I never got to use 😂 I’m really glad you liked the idea babe! I feel like swimwear and beachwear these days is so beautiful and expensive that it’s a shame to only wear it on the beach. The hat thing really is tricky! I usually take one with me, on my lap, because I’m afraid it might get damaged, but it’s not very practical. Thank you for the advice babe! It’s always my pleasure to have you here 😘😘 enjoy your weekend my dear!


  4. Love this post Filipa!! I love summer fun, love to travel. Great tips! For hats, I usually wear my hat when I travel, but if I take more than one or can’t travel in it, I pack some of my tees and dresses inside my hat so it doesn’t get destroyed. It’s tricky, though, not always works. xoxo Zuma

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Zuma! Oh that’s really clever my dear! I’ll try that for sure! Maybe I’ll be able to take with me more than one hat 😁have a wonderful day!


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