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I’ve always felt that fashion was very similar to art and when I first started going through street style photos I realized why I’ve always been so passionated about both of them: because those are -to me- the best ways of self expression. And seeing street style photos helped me realize how good some people are at expressing their personalities and how good they feel about themselves.

We all follow trends but many of us let those exact trends choose who we are. They take a bit of personality from us. Why do we let clothes own us? After speaking with lots of different people I got to the conclusion of that most of us let the clothes take the lead because we’re afraid of not getting approval. We’re afraid that other people will make fun of the way we’re dressed. Remember when berets first appeared? Well, I loved them (still do) and I bought one. The first time wearing it was…challenging. What about mixing red and pink? God forbid us to do that before it became a thing and started being acceptable.

Trends are just that. Trends. It’s the way we interpret them that makes each one of our outfits a unique statement. This new sub-category is an ode to self-expression and an attempt to show you true fashion icons and real fashion stories. Who are they? Certainly not people who dress to please. They’re people who dress what they want, follow the trends that they like and are not afraid to express themselves. Some are trendsetters, some are even characters.

Because every person has a story to tell and something you can learn from, a different and unique personality, this sub-category will be about People & their stories. Everything that helped and contributed to shape their style and also helped you shape yours. How we all were inspired by those people. I bet at this point you don’t see how… But just think about how many times Carrie Bradshaw indirectly gave you the courage to wear something you always wanted but never did. Or how Leandra Medine interpreted in her very own personal way a man repeller look that you wanted to try?

Dissecting The Look is all about giving you the inspiration you need to express yourself through fashion, art, even decor. So what better new category to create than this one, full of posts where you’ll be able not only to be inspired (if I’m doing it right) to keep creating or create your own personal style but also understand what or who contributed to shape it. I’d love to know your thoughts about this 🙂

Anna Dello Russo via


Leandra Medine via


Iris Apfel via Harper´s Bazaar


Olivia Palermo via Who What Wear

20 thoughts on “New Category – People / Nova Categoria – Pessoas

  1. Exactly Filipa. I have discussed this issue so much time with people. Generally every debate conclusion ends in claim that There exists no bad dressed person. Everytime it is the expression of its own, nature, actual mood, style or something else. I never say he or she is bad dressed. I say only this I love or this I don´t like. I think this is correct interpretation. What do you think? Now you have inspired me to write a post about this issue.

    kisses my dear

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    • You are absolutely right Katharine! It’s completely natural to tell that we don’t like a certain piece or even a combination. But saying that the person is not properly dressed or its bad dressed, that we shouldn’t say. It’s just like you said, it’s an expression of something personal. I’m really glad you liked it my dear, and I always feel so accomplished when someone says that I inspired them with a post! Thank you so much ❤️❤️


  2. Querida Filipa, já pensei nisto um milhão de vezes… Escreves tão bem que é um prazer lervos teus posts!
    Eu acho que cada pessoa tem o seu estilo e,desde que se sinta fiel a ele e feliz quando se olha ao espelho,está tudo bem. Se os outros gostam ou aprovam?! A sério?! Ainda estamos presas a isso? Eu já me libertei disso, deve ser da idade 🙂 não traz só rugas, traz também confiança e sabedoria.
    Continua o bom trabalho, és muito especial. Beijinho, Isabel

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    • Muito obrigada por tudo querida Isabel! Infelizmente acho que ainda há muita gente que não pensa como nós… Ainda este ano dei um salto à moda Lisboa e não imaginas a quantidade de pessoas que olhavam e riam/faziam comentários horríveis a quem por lá andava. Espero um dia também me libertar totalmente disso (creio que não o fiz ainda por completo, nomeadamente na altura de escolher a roupa que vou levar para a faculdade…). Um grande beijinho e um óptimo começo de semana ❤️


  3. Yeaaahhhhh!!!!
    I like this idea, do it please!! I’ve always loved the way you break down clothes for us and the way you talk about it in ways we can interpret and personalize as our own.
    You go girl!
    That’s why I continue to follow your blog!

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    • You have no idea how much joy I felt reading your comment Dana! You’ve been such an amazing support from day 1! Thank you so much for everything dear! Have a wonderful day ❤️❤️

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  4. I love this post and I totally totally agree with you! Many times I have been thinking about this as well. I totally dislike it, when people are staring at somebody, just because he or she is dresses extra-ordinary. But who defines here, what is extra-ordinary or not? Thats what I love about cities like London and New York… you can express there yourself however you want, dress whatever you wanr and nobody will look at you. I wish sometimes, that the whole world would be so open minded but that is of course a Utopia and I shouldnt put my hope in this. By the way, I like your comparison of art with fashion as both is a way of expressing a statement, I couldn’t agree more! Awesome thought hun! Great and inspirational post as always and am looking forward to this new category! Have an awesome Thursday guapa, many kisses to you!!

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    • Thank you so much for your support my dear! It’s always so good to read your words 🙂 I couldn’t agree more with you! I feel like most of the places all around the globe are not open minded enough and that’s such an awful thing. I notice that a lot in Portugal. If someone is dressed in a certain way, people will judge (can you believe we have some tv shows similar to Fashion Police that judge people who are very well dressed but somehow they find it too odd or too young for the person or even not flattering) a lot. I’m really glad you get it dear, looking forward to share more with you 🙂 have a wonderful day guapa😘


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