Combining Patterns

One of my favorite thing to do is mixing patterns. Don´t ask me why, but there´s something so visually appealing about several different patterns combined in the same outfit. On my last post I told you my opinion about putting clothes together – if you´re comfortable wearing it and if it pleases you, you should wear it and forget about what other people think.

I used to hear a lot of people saying that different prints were not supposed to be combined. It was “too much” they said. But I always loved it. I just wasn´t sure how to do it properly (and by that I mean in a way that suited my taste). After putting some outfits together I realized that I created some “rules” for myself. Everytime I mix prints I end up following these rules. So what are your toughts on this subject? Do you combine patterns?

Different Patterns, Same Color 

Definitely one of my favorite. The contrast between two different patterns with the same colors, particularly if we’re talking about a monochrome outfit, results in something super elegant and it’s the easiest combination to make. This star scarf was love at first sight, for pretty obvious reasons – it was adorable and monochrome 😉

Same Pattern, Different Shape/Size

We all own at least two pieces with stripes or polka dots. If they’re not both top parts, you have a match.

Different Pattern, Harmonical Color Scheme

Guilty of doing this all the time! Everytime I buy something with a pattern I start planning outfit combinations so I pay very much attention to the color scheme. You don’t even need to have matching colors. Just follow your gut and if the final combo looks good enough for you, you’ve got a match.

Different Pattern, Different and Contrasting Colors

Again stripes as an example- I know, I’m sorry. But it was the best way to show you what I meant about not matching the pattern and certainly not the colors and still have a great combo.

Funny fact about this long knit dress: it costed me 5euros on H&M because it was the 3rd round of sales and it was hidden in some dark corner.


32 thoughts on “Combining Patterns

  1. “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”… this is one of my favorite quotes and I always bring it back in memory when I think something is maybe too much or too extra-ordinary. Cause being “standard” is soo boring, right? 🙂 Therefore I am totally on your side with mixing patterns. I also do it once in a while and I also stick to one certain rule so that it doesn’t look too wild. And it is also included in yours: I combine the same colors. But I have to say, seeing your other “mixing pattern examples” make me wanna extend my rules! I have to say all the outfits are looking pretty stylish and cool. As we see, it is only about the right combination in the end effect! Cool Post as always hun! Have a nice rest of the week, lots of love!

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    • That quote is also one of my favorites! I must say that I keep that in mind a lot… You are right dear, standard is boring and it doesn’t satisfy my creative side and I’m sure you feel the same way about it 😁! Same color combo works so well when it comes to monochromatic outfits that I think it was the main reason that helped me realize how much I use that ‘technique’. I’m really glad you liked them dear, you know how much I appreciate and value your opinion and comments! I’m glad the photos turned out well, I was struggling with the light 😂 have a wonderful day babe ❤️


  2. no one plays with patterns and prints and shapes, like you do. You are the queen of mix and match… You have to be the best. I also don’t care what other are thinking. I do what I want to do and make my own trends. Love ur scarves, ur bags and the way they uplift even the simplest of look at the same time. Being standard is not my cup of tea and not urs too , so lets kill the world and show them how to rock minimal shall we ??


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    • Your comment made my day my dear! I’m so honored! It really is a huge deal coming from you, who don’t let trends dictate anything and always have an impeccable taste for fashion! I couldn’t think of a better example of someone who creates her own rules and trends and does it in a very tasteful and stylish way! Because that’s exactly how it should be so yes, we shall 🙂
      Have an amazing day my dear! ❤️


  3. By reading your article I remember on once funny experience with combining patterns. It was sometimes at hte start of relationship with my boyfriend. I love you Martin really but I have to write it. 🙂 It was a date and I was waiting for him. I am calling him “where you are?”….yes in 10 minutes I´ll be by you babe 🙂 It took some more time after all but when he came…He trew a looks at me you know but in a few seconds a started with belly laugh 🙂 He was styled like “only strifes”, exactly only vertical stripes from head to toe and it looks really funny. Please imagine it! This was a simple example of non matching the same patterns. 🙂
    So now when I jump back into your post a have to say and also confirm your words that there really exist some rules we have to follow. There is no reason of being afraid of combining patterns. It is a bit more challenge for someone but the results give beautiful impressions. Really! For instance People which like Boho style can only say and very loud YES to combine patterns. Your examples are very good and what to say more, it is interesting and valluable post here Dissecting the look again. 🙂 KIsses

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    • Thank you so much for sharing that with me dear! It really was a funny situation (I hope you don’t mind me saying that!) you guys shared! 🙂 I strongly believe we create our own rules, specially when it comes to fashion! I’m really glad you liked the post And I hope to see your posts trying it! It’s always a pleasure to have you around here and read your amazing and sweet comments 🙂 have a wonderful day! ❤️


    • Oh thank you so much my dear!! That really means a lot to me! Im só glad you liked it 😘😘 thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day 💜


    • Obrigada Cátia! Fico muito contente por teres gostado 🙂 o lencinho das estrelas foi amor à primeira vista na Zara! Tem um óptimo dia!


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