Fall/Winter 16/17 Must Haves 

After going through every Fall show I felt lost. Of course every designer has its own source of inspiration every season but Fall 2016 was too much at the same time to dissect. The same designer can take inspiration both from the Renaissance and Picasso, which is completely normal but very hard when you want to fully understand the statement that person is making.   Making sense of trends it’s not always easy, specially when the fashion industry is giving us so much to handle at the same time (from virtual shows to mixing both genders in the same show). This Fall I’ve decided to do a serie of Fall/Winter posts so that you won’t miss a thing. For the first one I chose The Must Haves. Why? Easy, I don’t really like heat. So in the middle of August I was already going through Fall clothes and dreaming about the cold days. And what better way to start than prepare yourself with this season’s key pieces? I promise I carefully analyzed every Vogue I could (and God bless Vogue Runway).

The Cape

The cape strikes again and this Fall you’ll be able to feel like a Game of Thrones character. I must confess my love for capes… You can be wearing a basic long sleeved shirt underneath and you won’t look basic. Looking for that comfy piece to add to your wardorbe? Here you have it. There’s only one little issue concerning the practicality of the cape (at least I have it with the ones I own) – you may want to reconsider using that large tote bag on your shoulder.

Chloé Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); Gucci Fall 2016 (via honestlywtf.com)
Left: ASOS.com; Top Right: Mango.com; Down: ASOS.com
J.Crew Fall 2016 (via Nymag.com); Marni Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com)

Victorian Shirt

Disclaimer: Please notice that the must haves are not in order (I noticed you could easily think I was playing dress up in the 16th century). Ruffled details, lots of white and see through fabrics plus some lace and dramatic pleated sleeves. When you put it that way it might sound too much and definitely not a versatile piece. But just think how you can create a ton of different looks all with different styles. One day you can wear it with an A-line printed skirt, over the knee socks and loafers and set your inner Blair Waldorf free and the other you can put on your moto leather jacket, some distressed denim jeans and ankle boots and feel a bit more like Prince.

Left: Valentino Fall 2016 Couture; Top Right: Valentino Fall 2016 Couture; Bottom Right: Chloé Fall 2016

Statement Knit/Sweater

There´s no way you´ll feel cozier than with an oversized sweater or piece of knit. And there´s no way you´ll be more stylish than the moment you´re wearing an oversized statement sweater or knit. There are no rules here, feel free to style it the way you want (we all have days when a pair of jeans will do and others when a pleated skirt would fit like a glove).

From Left: Peter Pilotto Fall 2016 (via livingly.com); Gucci Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); Delpozo Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com)
From Left: Versace Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); Louis Vuitton Fall 2016 (via WWD.com)


Velvet for Fall/Winter is my favorite cliché. There´s something so edgy and flattering about it no matter what color you choose. Last Fall I did an entire post about velvet so feel free to check it and gather some inspiration 😉

From Left: Sonia By Sonia Rykiel Pre Fall (via Vogue.com); Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com)
From Left: Fendi Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); Valentino Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com)
Pants: Zara.com; Jacket: ASOS.com; Top: Zara.com

Puffa Jacket

(Don´t you just love the name?)

After a never-ending affair with the Bomber Jacket (which I didn´t include in the must haves because by now i´m pretty sure my stylish readers already own at least one) it´s time for a cozier and warmer option. I spent several years hating puffa jackets and not wanting to use them because I didn´t find the “Michelin Toy” look funny at all… Years later I find myself tempted to buy one (don´t get me wrong, I still don´t like that “look” but I think I can manage to find a less exaggerated puffa jacket).

From Left: Balenciaga Fall 2016; Rag & Bone Fall 2016 (both via Vogue.com)
From Left: Stella McCartney Fall 2016; Burberry Pre Fall; Isabel Marant Fall 2016 (all via Vogue.com)
Top: ASOS.com; Bottom: Zara.com


I have a little problem here. I´m addicted to fringed sweaters, coats, bags, basically everything fringed. If you follow me on Instagram I´m sure you see a lot my fringed bag. From now on, you´ll be seeing a lot more pieces 🙂 Spoiler alert: I have a fringed cape.

From Left: Altuzarra Fall 2016; Chloé Fall 2016; Michael Kors Fall 2016 (all via Vogue.com)

Vinyl (PVC)

After seeing a lot of PVC boots (remembering Dior) I patiently waited for the return of plastic to the runways. Here it is, the perfect material to keep your outfits protected from rainy days and add that shiny touch.Personally, if I had to buy a vinyl piece I´d go for a midi A-line skirt. One of my favorite trench coats is a red vinyl piece that I usually wear with – of course – a total black outfit.

Left: Louis Vuitton Fall 2016; Middle Top: Lacoste Fall 2016; Middle Bottom; Nina Ricci Fall 2016; Right: Isabel Marant Fall 2016 (all via Vogue.com)

Military Jacket/Coat

We´ve been on with this trend for a while now. Is it ever going to leave us? Probabily. Will I ever stop wearing it? Of course not! If I did a list of all the military inspired pieces I have I´d be ashamed. So the only reason I´m not considering buying the coat from the first picture is because as much as I wanted to look like one of Napoleon´s soldiers I already own a long dark blue military jacket from Mango. Now the military blazer… that´s a different story. Here´s another perfect piece to pair with the victorian shirt and a vinyl skirt.

Left: Mango.com; Top Right: Zara.com; Bottom Right: Zara.com

Pleated Skirt

When the pleated skirts returned from the 50´s I wasn´t quite sure how to style them. It took me a while to put together outfits with pleated skirts. Lately, no one can complain about lack of inspiration when it comes to pleated skirts. Street style at its best shows us how they can be easily paired with statement sweaters and heels, a good pair of sneakers, long faux fur jackets and t-shirts. This season Zara has the most exquisite collection of pleated skirts, definitely worth checking.



First trend report is done, I´ll see you in the comment section and look forward to know your thoughts 😉 Stay tuned for the next one!


10 thoughts on “Fall/Winter 16/17 Must Haves 

  1. Hey sweetie, first things first: what??? You don’t like heat?? And I frigging love it, lol! Can we swap please? :)) Why is it always that you like the things you don’t have? What an ironic world, right? 🙂 But let’s get back to the main topic: I really really loved this post! This was such a great idea, to pick the trends and present them! Especially for people like me, who seem to miss too many of them, lol! You made a totally great selection and I enjoyed reading and admiring them. My favorite one is the military jacket, as they are super stylish! I wanted to get one very soon anyway and reading this, confirmed me even more! Sweetie, I wish you a beautiful Monday and an awesome week! Lotsa luv!! Kisses



    • I´d swap with you gladly my dear! Maybe it´s because i´m too white and always have major struggles with excessive sun… :p Germany would be a great fit for me, I guess! I´m so glad you liked it, I felt like it was the smartest think to do because there are so many shows and everything evolves so quickly that it´s hard to keep up. I don´t see how you miss them, you´re always so stylish! The military jacket would be a perfect fit for you my dear, if you buy one please do a post with it! 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful weekend guapa, kisses!


    • Lena! I´m so glad you liked it 🙂 Can´t wait to see your posts on Fall trends! Thank you for stopping by dear, always a pleasure to have you around here!


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