Fall Trend Report – Accessories 

I may be a monochrome enthusiast and I may even love a lot more than I should a good minimal outfit. But when it comes to accessories I sure know ‘More is more and less is a bore’ (quoting Iris Apfel, the accessory God). Fact is, accessories are my personal everyday statements. So again, this season I can’t help but feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland. There are so many accessories capable of changing an outfit instantly that I had to put an entire post together just for them. If you  follow me on Instagram you already know about my tiny bag addiction and you’ve probably seen some of the bags featured on this trend report. You see, I spent the whole August month carrying only one tiny little bag everywhere due to a monster called Luggage Space and not only I missed my collection but I also found they were all perfect for Fall. Blame it on creative directors. Again.

Nautical Hat

Nautical and military are obvious Fall trends almost every year. But in this particular case Gigi Hadid for Tommy Hilfiger was the cause for every fashionista’s inner sailor’s release.

Left Top: ASOS (Gigi Hadid for Tommy Hilfiger); Bottom Left: ASOS; Right: Vogue.com

The Beret

Tip n°1 to achieve the fabulous Parisian style. Perfect accessory for a really cold day but mostly for a bad hair day.

Bottom Right: Gucci (via Vogue.com); all the others: ASOS

The Choker 

I know by now you’re all proud owners of several chokers. Maybe even too much of them, but hey – i won’t tell how many I have and won’t ask you either 😉 So far we’ve seen simple one colored chokers. Fall brings new ones, much bolder and creative. Authentic victorian pieces, ready to help you take your layering game to the next level.

Top Left and Right: ASOS; Bottom Left: Chanel (via Vogue.com); Bottom Right: Versace (via Vogue.com)

The Belt 

When I think of vintage pieces belts are the first accessory to cross my mind (I’ll always be searching for the perfect black and gold Yves Saint Laurent logo belt). Gucci, where all the vanguard artists are, brought to Fall/Winter the famous logo belt as well as a sentiment of nostalgia and the temptation of a new – and quite expensive – acquisition. I shall not vacillate.

Top Right: ASOS; Bottom Right: Gucci (via collagevintage.com); Left, from the top: Double Buckle belt from Pull&Bear; Tom Ford (via Vogue.com); Burberry (via Vogue.com)

The Skinny Scarf

The versatile accessory. It can be a head accessory, a choker, a bracelet, a giant bow to your plain shirt.

Top Left: Gucci (via Vogue.com); Top Right: Blumarine (via Vogue.com); Bottom Right and Left: ASOS

The Statement Earrings

Because nothing screams more maximalism like bold jewelry.

Small pictures, from the top: Mango; Mango; Zara; Middle and Right: Marni (via Vogue.com).

The Mini Statement Bag

All time favorite, but that you already knew 🙂 Forget essentials like wallets with every single card you have and huge makeup bags because they won’t fit. And remember that phones these days belong on your hand. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to carry inside your bag car and house keys.


Top Left: Versace (via Vogue.com); Top Right: Gucci (via Vogue.com); Bottom Left: Lanvin (via Vogue.com); Bottom Right: Kenzo (via Vogue.com)

Top Left: Oldie from Zara and vintage scarf; Top Right: ASOS; Bottom Left: Parfois (last collection); Bottom Right: Bimba y Lola bag and clutch, both from old collections.

All from Zara

As always, i´ll be waiting for your opinions and thoughts 🙂





5 thoughts on “Fall Trend Report – Accessories 

  1. Hey sweetie, that’s a very interesting post about the fall and its trend accessories! My favorite one by far is the statement earring, as I already have a big big passion for big earrings (just like you with the bags haha)! The bigger, the better actually! Finally they became a proper trend but I’m afraid this will make me go crazy lol! I am pretty glad to see those more creative chokers because as you might remember I wasn’t too much into them and I also actually only own two of them. And the second one that I own, is actually one of the type that you show in the pics! So I was heading already the right direction, how cool huh? :)) Keep up the good work and the awesome posts sweetie! Sending you lots of love! Kisses



  2. Love your selection. All are great pieces. I am a sucker for scarf and mini statement bag! The Parfois bag is simply stunning


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