Layering with Happy Socks

Just as important as the pieces you choose to wear is how you actually wear them – that´s how you show the world how stylish you are 😉 But believe me when I say that never in a million years I´d see myself embracing this new trend… Until, of course, I tried it. If you search between street style photos you´ll surely find lots of cool examples that will make you want to pair your most colorful socks with those amazing velvet shoes you wanted to buy so badly but still haven´t because, oh well, who wears winter sandals with socks?

When Happy Socks contacted me I knew I had to do this post. Fashion is all about taking risks and leaving your comfort zone, right? So that´s just what I did… Happy Socks are perfect to style because of its huge variety of cool prints and bright colors – who would want to hide them? Definitely worth looking at their amazing collection.

Quick tips to style shoes&socks: When in doubt, go for neutral socks. If you´re not a fan of big contrasts nor prints, stick with the same color (example: dark blue heels and baby blue socks). If you´re wearing socks with prints, try to pair them with something that has the same color scheme.

As always, i´d love to meet you on the comments section and know how you´ll be styling your socks & shoes this Fall 🙂

Boots: Zara; Socks: Happy Socks
Mary Jane´s: Zara; Socks: Happy Socks
Shoes: Zara; Socks: Happy Socks
Shoes: La Redoute; Socks: Happy Socks

Left: Dries van Notten (via; Right: Versace (via

Left: via; Right: Mira Duma (via

Left: via; Right: via

Happy Socks were kindly sent to me. The post was my idea and all opinions are my own. 


19 thoughts on “Layering with Happy Socks

  1. To match happy socks into the outfits is maybe a challenge but not a battle. I think that are really beautiful ideas how to put them into OOTDs and if I have such contract I would prepare it as well. Regarding your post and ways to use them I have to say that you did it very nice. The examples are cute and inspire to wear such ways. Kisses my dear and dont forget to check my blog. You are warmly welcome in my fashion world. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much dear Katharine! Your comments are the sweetest! I´m glad you think so, I can´t wait to see you try it! And of course I´ll keep checking your blog 🙂


  2. Hey sweetie, I have been a bit absent regarding blogging, but now I finally found the time to dedicate myself again to my fav blogs! Until I saw your pic on IG,I had no idea how stylish socks can be, for real!! I really loved this creative and unique way you combined them. And just like you wrote, sometimes you have to take risks in order to create new trends, I totally think you nailed it sweetie! Have a wonderful Sunday, lotsa love! xo


    • Thank you so much my dear! I didn´t know myself either, I guess it´s all about taking risks, right? 😀 I´m so glad you liked it sweetie, it means a lot! Have a wonderful day ❤


  3. I have done this trend too. About 2 years ago. It was at a nascent stage and I couldn’t be more happy trying on the socks with sandals. I only see this growing bigger and bigger from here. I am so glad you finally made a start . These socks are well chosen and you totally picked up something which goes with ur style .I love them all. And you wear them so well. Happy feet needs some happy socks this winters. Need to check out their collection. looks so yummmmyy.



    • And yesterday with your gorgeous Louboutins, you did it again! You nail this trend my dear Surbee. Yes, so am I! Ever since I did this post i´ve been looking for more stylish socks to pair with my shoes. I am so glad you think that, sometimes when i´m trying new trends i´m afraid to forget about my personal style. You should dear, i´m sure you´ll find amazing things that suit your style!
      Have a great day dear! ❤


    • Oh I think you definitely should Lena! It´s out of the comfort zone yet super stylish! You´re more than welcome my dear, it´s always a pleasure to have you around here 🙂
      Have a great day!


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