How to Style SS17 Best Trends – part II

Welcome to part II! You didn´t really think that I would leave you with only six trends to style for the entire season, did you?


I can´t really name more feminine fabrics than Silk, Lace, and Chiffon. Surprisingly, there isn´t anything more versatile to style. It´s all about your mood. Feeling girly or looking for the perfect occasion dress? Style it with some fancy heeled sandals or lace-up flats, put on a beautiful straw hat, grab a little bag and it´s almost like you´re having the time of your life in Mykonos 😉

As for me, I prefer something a little edgier (and Maria Grazia Chiuri somehow read my mind!). Maxi and midi fancy skirts and graphic tees are officially one of my favorite Spring combinations (mostly midi skirts, so that you can give the proper attention to your shoes). Frayed and ripped jeans also look pretty good with lace and see-through tops. If you don´t think this is edgy enough, you know what to do. Grab a moto jacket and put it on your shoulders 🙂


I blame it on the winter layers. It was such a big and fun trend that nobody wanted to leave it in the closet waiting for next Autumn/Winter. Deconstructed pieces are everywhere (you can find some really cool tees and dresses on Asos) and the trick is how to layer them. Starters Kit: try an oversized shirt with a mini skirt. Your goal is to let everybody know that you didn´t forget to hide the bottom of the shirt inside your skirt.


Gone are the days when double denim was an awful style mistake. DD is back and for the first time since I saw Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing it (I was a child and I had nightmares), I actually want to try this trend. These days denim isn´t just denim anymore. It has pearls, pretty embroidery, ruffles, everything you can think of. It doesn´t even come in just blue. And that´s how creative designers saved double denim. Tip: Try adding a pop of color with your shoes or accessories (like a neck scarf, for example).


Do I really need to say this one is my all time favorite trend? Endless possibilities of mix and match different prints… I can guarantee you you´ll be seeing a lot more of graphic clothes on my Instagram page. Tip: statement jewelry creates an even bigger contrast. That and neck scarves. You can see how I usually wear it here and here.


Attention to all the minimalists out there. You can now have your monochromatic Sring/Summer! Gingham, polka dots, stripes, leaves, everything comes in black and white and I can´t honestly think of a more classic and sophisticated combo. If you think it´s too boring (how dare you! 😉 try to add a pop of color with your accessories.


Flowers for spring. The trend is as big as the cliché. But just look how perfectly it works! I always mix floral prints with monochrome stripes. To me, it´s the most visually appealing combination of prints. You might have seen on my instagram how much I’m loving florals because of this kimono. Last summer I wore it a lot with high waist jeans and this swimsuit .

We´re officially done with trends but you can count on more SS17 reports because I still have a lot to show you. As always, I´d love to know your favorites and how are you going to style them so see you in the comment section 😉


13 thoughts on “How to Style SS17 Best Trends – part II

  1. I always like denim on denim, stripes mix, monochrome etc and agree on monochrome stripes with floral… actually gingham with floral also look amazing together. :)) thank you for sharing this lovely post! I specially like you put the brand next to the item… that makes it much easier for us. 😀

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    • Thank you darling! I saw recently on your Instagram how good gingham and animal print look and I decided to try it 😌I’m glad you think so! I’m loving making collages 🤗have a wonderful day!


  2. Wow, Filipa!!

    What a great trend roundup!! And may I say, I love your writing style as well!!

    As you probably know from my IG posts, I am a huge fan of lace, but have also given into florals–current favrite combo is a floral top and a leather skirt or high waisted denim one.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts!


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    • Oh thank you so much Marieta! Yes, I know, I love how you mix and match lace! And mostly, that leather skirt with the floral shirt, edgy and super cool! Thank you for stopping by dear 😘😘

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  3. Great post Filipa! Those trends are really on pick and I love denim and florals 🤗 My first pearls on denim I had in 2005 ( from Asia ) and so much happy to see them back!!! Thank you for so many inspiring pics, wishing you a very lovely Sunday afternoon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you dear Inna! Denim and florals together are such a fun combo! I love when trends make a comeback and I kept the stuff 😂 I can’t wait to see you wearing them dear 😘 wishing you a lovely Sunday!


  4. Dear Filipa, what a perfect overview of the current trends! I love simplicity and clean style that’s why my favorite styles are denim looks and monochrome looks with black-white pattern. Thank you for sharing this post with us. Greets Martina

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Martina! I saw you rocking that pretty denim dress with the pops of red! You looked super stylish 🙂 have a lovely weekend my dear 😘


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