The One

The One. A million things pop into your head when you read these two words. The love of life, probably. But when it comes to fashion, we all have THE one. THE cozy stylish sweater you wear on and on, THE silk scarf that makes any outfit better, THE pair of shoes that make your day brighter. As most you know, THE accessory for me is a bag. Bags are my weakness and my bags are probably THE accessory that I keep impeccable storage. Each of them brings me such joy and reminds me of all the times I snapped at someone who dared to put my bag on the floor. You see, I take that “table for 3: you, me and my bag” very seriously.

When Farfetch contacted me and told me about their newest magazine, The Style Guide, I immediately started going through the amazing editorial content and, inspired by this article, I bring you my favorite bags of the season and will reveal to you my #THEONE. The choice wasn´t hard, it was love at first sight. Can you guess it? Hint: She hides between the beautiful European architecture 🙂

Stella McCartney



Simon Miller 



How about you? Did you pick your The One for this summer? Make sure you check Farfetch’s digital magazine. It’s a must see either you’re looking for the latest trends or just deciding what to wear. As always, I’m looking forward to knowing your opinion so meet me in the comment section! 🙂


8 thoughts on “The One

  1. Such a great post, dear Filipa! I love each of this very stylish collages!!! Really great job – you showed character of every bag, and it is difficult to decide which is THE ONE.. I would get all of them! =) Visited also website you listed above, I am very impressed about their content too. Many kisses, Inna


  2. Dear Filipa I know Farfetch online magazine and get several a week newsletter. They have a great offer. My THE One is every season another bag but if I have to mention only one from my collection which I love most: it is definitely Twist of L.Vuitton. As your collection I would take the bag of Stella McCartney. I love this black and white design. Thank you for this article. Greets Martina


  3. Filipa my dear what a stunning post, I’m a bag addicted so you could write a milion posts about them I will definitely be your first fan and follower xo xo My the one bag was Chloe Faye in black in winter and now its white Gucci and I also love your find Chloe and Gucci new models !!!
    Thanks for sharing this hun
    Much love


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