Trends used to begin in the streets. But in the XXI century, when everyone has two not-so-distant lives (the real life and the online life), trends seem to begin in our instagram explore page. That´s where you can find the most popular posts with the latest styling tips and coolest accessories. That´s also where you laugh at memes but I guess that´s not the subject here.

Instagram hasn’t been exactly my favorite place for several reasons but I must admit that when it comes to discover the latest trends and coolest brands, it’s my number 1 source. Finding small brands is basically the reason I ignore all those WhatsApp group messages *cof cof*

“So, Filipa, what shouldn’t we be missing?”

Glad you asked! Chances are, you´ve been seeing a lot of pearls and golden chains, a signficant ammount of shells and sea related accessories (hello, summer!) and hair clips. Lot´s of hair clips. Allow me to show you…

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature! And I know how you feel about Instagram but it definitely is easy to find amazing trends and styles in there ❤ love the pearl hair clip trend at the moment!

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    • Thank you for letting me use your amazing work! 😌 Yes, good thing about Instagram nowadays… That and the people ♥️ So do I! I’ve been using mine like crazy!
      Thank you for stopping by my dear Stacey 😘


  2. Hey Filipa 🙂 Totally agreed with you when it comes to the Instagram! Also, with all the rules of instagram, it is becoming less interesting in the way that sometimes it can limit our creativity & that is frustrating to me! When it comes to your accessories suggestions, just loved it ❤


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