My Workspace

Last year I officially run out of space to study. I had so many books and notebooks around me that my tiny desk had to be replaced for a bigger one. But I'm sure you can guess what happened next... More space instantly meant more mess instead of decor goals. And that's how my pretty … Continue reading My Workspace


2016 Revisited

2016 was the year I decided to get serious about blogging. I got my own domain, added new categories i´ve always wanted to explore, gave the blog the makeover it needed. I started collaborating with brands and was lucky enough to meet fantastic entrepreneurs. I met amazing people who showed me that love and support … Continue reading 2016 Revisited

New Categories / Novas Categorias

When I started Dissecting The Look I was new at this blogging thing. I knew what kind of blog I wanted to have and though I also knew I´d like to blog about more than just fashion I wasn´t sure how this would turn out. I was also developing ideas that had been on my mind for years, … Continue reading New Categories / Novas Categorias

IKEA x Katie Eary 

What happens when two big names join forces is the birth of an amazing collaboration - Giltig being the name of the child. Katie Eary is a menswear designer from London and is one of the the reasons why I want to run to ikea immediately. GILTIG is all about strong and vibrant color schemes … Continue reading IKEA x Katie Eary 

Modani Furniture – Styling a Living Room

Decoration always has been a passion of mine - you can see my personal inspirations on my Pinterest.  One of the house divisions I always preferred to style is the living room - is the center of the house, the place where you can spend quality time and place where your personal style can stand … Continue reading Modani Furniture – Styling a Living Room