The office

Time to make some office adjustments. There comes a time, every year, when I feel like it’s time for a change. Due to some personal stuff this time, will be all about the work space area, in my bedroom. I’m still searching for brilliant ideas, so here’s my inspiration so far. Source: Pinterest


The New Bohemia

The first august Net-a-Porter issue is all about this new Bohemia – that’s what the second wave of boho it’s called. The difference? Boho is all grown up, ‘cooler, edgier and sexier’. Net-a-porter 1 – Proenza Schouler / 2 – Erdem / 3- Proenza Schouler / 4 – Goodnight Macaroon Kendra Spears for Net-a-Porter Taylor […]


Sneakers love

I must admit, This is one of my favorite trends! Not only they look comfortable, but they actually are (who didn’t buy, at least once, a pair of heels that looked so comfortable and, of course, were not). Another thing I love about sneakers is how they make any outfit look irreverent. images from Pinterest […]