3 Hair Tips I learned from professional stylists

I have always been a bit reluctant when it comes to trusting professional stylists given the bad experiences I had in the past. My hair tips were based on my own expeerience and, of course, some pretty good tips I received from my community on instagram. When I became an ambassador for Evan Care I learned how getting GOOD professional help is exactly what you need (and how to STAY AWAY from most Youtube shady tips). Since last June/July that I only use their products on my hair and had the pleasure to visit their space in Lisbon for a special treatment (SOON I will tell you all about it!).

I learned so much – and I will be sahring it ALL with you! So here you have, the 3 hair tips I learned from professional stylists – Evan Care´s professional stylists, to be precise.

Sempre fui muito relutante no que diz respeito a depositar a minha confiança em cabeleireiros. Culpo as más experiências acumuladas e o facto de haver muito “profissional” que não faz ideia de como tratar cabelo encaracolado. Todas as minhas dicas se baseavam naquele método incrível da tentativa-erro e, mais recentemente, nos conselhos fabulosos da minha comunidade no instagram.

Quando me tornei embaixadora da Evan Care compreendi a importância de receber dicas de profissionais que de facto sabem imenso do assunto (e o perigo de experimentar aquelas dicas manhosas que aparecem no Youtube…..). Desde Junho/Julho 2020 que só uso produtos da marca e nunca senti o meu cabelo tão bom. Tive oportunidade de visitar o espaço da Evan Care em Lisboa para um tratamento especial (em breve conto tudinho). Infelizmente, com o COVID, apenas fiz uma visita e ainda não dei o corte que gostaria à juba 🙂

Deixo-vos com algumas das dicas que achei mais relevantes!

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Growing up, I used to hate my curls. Hate is such a strong word but that’s exactly how I felt from the very beginning. I always had very curly hair – closed tiny locks kind of curly, which I didn’t like because they would be so hard to deal with. Hard to detangle, impossible and extremely painful to brush, very complicated to style. This must have lasted until I was 6 years old, when all that mattered to me was the pain it caused me while brushing. Other than that I didn’t dislike curly hair. It was what I was born with.

At 6 years old, more or less when kids leave kindergarten and start going to school, I officially started disliking my hair. I´m sure you can guess the reasons… Kids make fun and say mean things that stay for a very long time stuck in your head, making you question everything. On top of that, my hair was shoulder length but because it would curl up so much, it looked even shorter. For a little girl who dreamed about growing her hair, going to the hairdresser was a nightmare. Why? I never had a hairdresser who knew how to treat curly hair.

I started to question why the hell I had such terrible locks when everyone around me had sleek straight hair. I believe the key word during this phase would be different. My hair was different and didn’t want it to be, because it was making me feel different. I needed to come up with ideas to tame the damn curls and make them, at least, wavy.


Around 10 I got really tired of my daily struggle and constant nicknames. I remember it was shortly before a tennis practice that I started to use my William pale pink cap differently. I tied my hair up in a ponytail and it didn’t seem so bad. What if I used my hair in a ponytail outside the practices as well? There was only one obstacle – the frizz. How could I possibly stop it? That’s when I found out aqua based gel. You couldn’t even tell it was there and my hair would be tamed.

But this story couldn’t really end here, right? Poor oppressed curls up in a ponytail?

In fact, in the following years I came up with several ideas to make my very curly hair wavy. Wavy wasn’t so bad compared to tight locks… I would braid it to sleep only to untangle it in the next morning, I would twist my hair in low buns, pigtails, anything that would leave my hair less curly.


After many hairdresser disastrous cuts (let me tell you, there are a LOT of people around there who shouldn’t be in this business AT ALL), lots of ponytails and braided hair after, I finally tasted what was like to have straight hair, at 14. It revealed a hidden blonde color I had never seen before (because it would open up the locks) and I was quite happy with the soft texture. I was determined to make it permanent. Lucky me, no one allowed me to do so and I only had straight hair for my prom night.

When I was around 16 I decided to make a commitment. I was going to embrace the curls and take proper care of them. It was enough. You probably thought I had this amazing super inspiring “ah-ah!” moment but nothing really inspired me to do so. To me, it was a matter of acceptance. I was so tired of struggling and hating what I saw in the mirror.

And so my journey began. I learned about my curl type, I tried many different products, I started to style and define my curls the proper way, I learned from other girls with similar hair. And you know what? It was working. My curls were reacting perfectly, I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and when, which products to use, etc. The results came quickly because I didn’t really have damaged hair (I didn’t straightened it on a daily basis, I never dyed it, never even done highlights in my life!).


Around my first year in college, I decided I wanted bangs, when all I wanted was to change something in my life. I blame college. Oh boy, what a dumb decision… That was, for sure, the most stupid hair decision I made in my entire life. Why? Because to avoid using irons everyday, my bangs were permanently straightened with a rather aggressive product. I took me a long time to make it normal again but I sure learned my lesson.

When I started to take care of my hair my first thought was that I was going to look like a lion, I would most certainly be different when all I wanted was to blend in and the nightmare would start all over again. But I didn’t really care about other people’s thoughts anymore. And so the reactions started and they were the exact opposite of what I thought – people would tell me that I looked like myself, that seeing me with real curls was so refreshing and that they wish they had curly hair (of course, no one is happy with what they have).


16 year old Filipa had to do it all by herself but nowadays you have so many inspiring people who are sharing wonderful tips and tricks to help you embracing your curls, specially on the internet. I’ve met amazing people through instagram who share daily their routines (the good, the bad and ugly!), the products they use, techniques, so I would definitely encourage you to check those girls and their accounts.

Accepting who you are is a lifetime process. Having distinguish features can make you feel extremely uncomfortable – and make no mistake, we all have them. Learning that those features are what make you unique can be hard but let me tell you one thing – it is so worth it.

The Bonnit 

When It comes to rainy days I’m never happy about my outfit or my hair. I believe most of you understand what I’m talking about… Sometimes you even have a great outfit prepared and then you come to realize that it won’t work either because it’s not practical or just because you don’t feel like wearing it. Spring in Portugal it’s usually very pleasant. However, this Spring we’ve been dealing with considerable amounts of water. Non Stop. So it was the perfect time to try some new trends. One of my major problems about rainy days was spending the entire day hidden in a trenchcoat and trying to keep my hair dry. Not only was insignificant if I was wearing a tracksuit under but I also would always end up ruining my hair due to humidity issues (my curls don’t deal very well with that kind of weather). Of course this was all about to change because of a streetstyle photo from fashion week and a very special Instagram account. That was the moment I realized transparent trenchcoats and jackets would save my outfit and bonnets would keep my hair perfect (just ask Rihanna if you have any doubts about it). As for trenchcoats, of course I fell for the Burburry transparent trench. But as for the bonnet… Well, that’s another thing.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear via Vogue.com


Rihanna wearing Maison Michel PVC Rain Bonnet via perezhilton.com

Christine, MSFW, via fashionising.com


I found The Bonnit through Instagram and instantly fell in love with the concept. As a vintage lover, I’m thrilled whenever people give life again to old trends. And The Bonnit was no exception (just look at their logo!). Until I found them on Instagram I never saw an affordable yet stylish bonnet. The design is amazing, the patterns they offer are very fashionable (I almost couldn’t choose between the little stars and the polka dots and feathers). Each Bonnit package contains two Bonnits, one simple and the other with pattern. They were kind enough to send me a package and I can assure you their costume care is marvelous, so I would recommend them to anyone.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this trend!





The Bonnit Patterns



Cosmopolitan Chic

For this post I bring you the Cosmopolitan Chic challenge – If I were to spend a day at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas , what would my outfit options be?

What would I wear to brunch, dinner at a fancy restaurant (being my favorite Italian food I couldn´t help but notice how perfect this one would be) and a night out with friends at the Marquee night club?

Keeping in mind it is Vegas and the concept of transitional outfits my first thoughts were about the colors – I wanted black (of course!) and pastels for the clothing and bold colors on the accessories – the emerald green, the dark red, gold.

The common pieces were the leather crop top and the coat.

On both outfits I played with the different fabrics and textures in order to create a sophisticated contrast.

LA - day to night 1
LA - day to night 2
For this second set I thought about a more irreverent daytime outfit. And because an LBD can never disappoint you the common piece is precisely the Little Black Dress.

New Year Eve Inspiration III

For the last inspirational post – the Jumpsuit. One of my favorite pieces from the last few years and my favorite option when it comes to parties and events with certain dress codes (along with feminine suits, of course).
I find it a very versatile piece – you can pair it with almost everything and you´ll look great!
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New Years Eve Inspiration III


Because everybody loves a good gown, the third option (I must confess it´s the one I never choose) is all about long classical dresses and matching heels.

My intention was to make every single detail on the outfit stand out a bit plus give you an idea of what hairstyle and make-up you can pick. I prefer strong colors though I wouldn´t apply that to the 4th outfit – for that one I would say nudes and pastels.

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New Years Eve Inspiration II

Because your options shouldn´t only include heels – and because some heels clearly are not comfy thought we say they are marvelous – the second outfit inspiration is all about flats: moccasins; oxfords; loafers.

polyvoreflatsThis image was created with Polyvore App.

Hairstyles – do I dare to cut?

The big question – do I cut it or not? I’ve only had this kind of hairstyle once (and I was 4, so I don’t think I had a vote back then…). I’m one of those girls who really loves long hair, and I’m a natural dark blonde with THOUSANDS of curls. It kills me to take care of my hair everyday, and lately I look at myself in the mirror and feel like a change would be great.

A few weeks ago, I came through an article on VOGUE.pt  about BOB – the mythical Carrie Bradshaw hairstyle – it is the return of a long lost trend, and has been spotted on Beyoncé Knowles, Emma Stone, Clemence Poesy. The difference between Carrie´s BOB and the types of BOB? It is more assimetrical, wavy, and yet, classy than ever!

I never thought to do something like that with my hair, but after going through some pictures, I think I´m convinced to go for a mid-length bob! What do you think about this hairstyle?

Lily Collins for Marie Claire UK

bob 1Source: Pinterest