Cosmopolitan Chic

For this post I bring you the Cosmopolitan Chic challenge – If I were to spend a day at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas , what would my outfit options be?

What would I wear to brunch, dinner at a fancy restaurant (being my favorite Italian food I couldn´t help but notice how perfect this one would be) and a night out with friends at the Marquee night club?

Keeping in mind it is Vegas and the concept of transitional outfits my first thoughts were about the colors – I wanted black (of course!) and pastels for the clothing and bold colors on the accessories – the emerald green, the dark red, gold.

The common pieces were the leather crop top and the coat.

On both outfits I played with the different fabrics and textures in order to create a sophisticated contrast.

LA - day to night 1
LA - day to night 2
For this second set I thought about a more irreverent daytime outfit. And because an LBD can never disappoint you the common piece is precisely the Little Black Dress.

Statement Piece – The Watch

When it comes to accessories you must have noticed that I have a passion for watches – you can see one of my favorites on my Instagram. Not only I own a small collection of watches but I also like to keep an eye on new ones to see if I discover my next passion. It is a very personal accessory (I must confess, I use it more as a fashion and sentimental piece rather than timekeeping). So recently I found Invaluable, a live auction marketplace, full of designer watches – you can go from Cartier to Rolex and you won´t get bored. I immediately got inspired to create a few outfits using some of those watches because though I love a good small woman watch I´ve always preferred a more masculine piece to contrast with my outfits and stand out (you can´t deny a good man´s watch looks perfect with fine woman jewelery and elegant clothes!).

Casual Outfit

For the first one I wanted to go simple but classy. I decided to incorporate a few trends (3 of my favorites from Winter, to be honest): the large sweater used with over the knee boots and a contrasting hat. It´s that simple outfit you can always wear when in doubt. For this outfit the perfect watch was this lovely Cartier. The colors, the details and the retro look mixed with small woman bracelets give the perfect touch to the outfit. collab1 watches collab1

A day at the office

When it comes to working clothes – besides of my obvious tendency to black and white outfits, you´ll have to excuse me! – I chose an even bigger watch. It gives the shining touch, the fierce of the outfit. And, once again, it contrasts perfectly with the feminine lines and padrons. This one is a Rolex (one of my dreams, actually).

collab2watches collab4

Night Out

Why neglect a good watch when going out? There´s no way the outfit could be complete! This time the only jewels are the earrings and the Rolex – you don´t want too much on the same outfit. From all the watches I´ve seen this is definitely my favorite – the simplicity, the color, the size, all perfect.

collab3watches collab6

First Picture – Casual Outfit

  • Rings –
  • Bracelets – Henri Bendel Miss Bendel Rivet Bangle Bracelet ( // Cartier Bracelet (
  • Sweater –
  • Hat – Rive Island
  • Boots – Imixcity Womans Over Knee Faux Suede (on
  • Watch –

Second Picture – A Day At the Office

  • Earrings – Dior (
  • Top – Vero Moda (at
  • Trousers –
  • Shoes –
  • Watch –

Third Picture – Night Out

  • Earrings – Marc By Marc Jacobs (at
  • Dress – Goodnight Macaroon (
  • Bag –
  • Shoes –
  • Watch –

All the items can be found at

Modani Furniture – Styling a Living Room

Decoration always has been a passion of mine – you can see my personal inspirations on my Pinterest. 

One of the house divisions I always preferred to style is the living room – is the center of the house, the place where you can spend quality time and place where your personal style can stand out for everybody to see.

In order to inspire you when it comes to interiors decoration I made a collage using Modani items – I´m a person whose style is very contemporary with slight retro elements and their furniture includes aspects that I love about furniture and decoration.

About Modani

“Modani furniture conceptualizes on contemporary and modern furniture at very affordable prices. With stores in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago, Modani has designed award winning collections of modern sofas, bedroom, dining room and outdoor furniture. The recipe: influences of eccentric furniture and classic designs from around the world fused with minimalist concepts”

Living Room

My idea was to create a contemporary living room with straight lines and itens that could stand out. The centre piece was the sofa, chosen from Modani’s sofas – and because I think pillows are capable of changing a room instantly the first thing I picked to select the pallet of colors and patterns were precisely the pillows.

The chairs were not initially on my plans but as soon as I saw them I knew I had to incorporate them on my living room. The contrast betweed wood and metallics is something that I always loved to see when it comes to interior decor.


My Selection (items)


sala8 sala9 sala10

Items I Also Loved

Unfortunately, due to my color and style choices for this living room I wasn´t able to use all of the items I wanted to. Here are some of the pieces I also loved:

SALA2 SALA3 SALA4 SALA5This items can be found at and the collage was made with their app.

New Year Eve Inspiration III

For the last inspirational post – the Jumpsuit. One of my favorite pieces from the last few years and my favorite option when it comes to parties and events with certain dress codes (along with feminine suits, of course).
I find it a very versatile piece – you can pair it with almost everything and you´ll look great!
This image was created with Polyvore App.

New Years Eve Inspiration III


Because everybody loves a good gown, the third option (I must confess it´s the one I never choose) is all about long classical dresses and matching heels.

My intention was to make every single detail on the outfit stand out a bit plus give you an idea of what hairstyle and make-up you can pick. I prefer strong colors though I wouldn´t apply that to the 4th outfit – for that one I would say nudes and pastels.

This image was created with Polyvore App.

New Years Eve Inspiration II

Because your options shouldn´t only include heels – and because some heels clearly are not comfy thought we say they are marvelous – the second outfit inspiration is all about flats: moccasins; oxfords; loafers.

polyvoreflatsThis image was created with Polyvore App.

New Years Eve Inspiration

First of all, hope you had an amazing Christmas 🙂

Every New Year´s Eve I have the same problem – what to wear. Should I pick a dress or a great pair of trousers? Do I want glitter on my clothes or not? And what a about the accessories and the shoes?

This year first inspirational board includes what I loved the most about 2014 when it comes to clothes and trends – metallics, black and white contrast, midi-skirts and crops.

I hope you find it helpful!

BTW – the picture was created via Polyvore App (apparently I had an account and never used it!).


H&M Design Award 2014 – Eddy Anemian

I must do a “mea culpa”… While I was focusing on Alexander Wang for H&M, this guy was conquering another collaboration. And what a collection! The French designer who just won the H&M Design Award 2014 was inspired by Tilda Swinton, in the movie “I am Love”, and by the french painter Ingres.

In the film, Swinton is Russian; she lives in Italy and wears Jil Sander outfits. It´s that idea of European exoticism that interested me.

The collection couldn´t be more interesting – including a maxi structured skirt that can be, when paired with different tops, worn during the day, or at a party at night; ruffles; lots of white; lots of patterns; wide pants.

Perfect for people who still like to add a bit of summer on their fall outfits and for people who love prints. I specially like the ruffles and the wide high waisted pants, both patterned and white.






Russian IT girls

After my One Lovely Blog Award post, when I revealed I had a huge crush on Russian IT girls, Lena, from Feline Creatures, said she´d love to see a post about those iconic ladies. Truth is, I´ve been thinking to do that kind of post for a while, but never thought to include them all.

This passion for Russian IT girls is part of a bigger thing – the admiration for Russian Culture, that I have since I was a little girl.

Though my blog is a recent thing, my internet stalking on these girls is much older. The first one that caught my attention was Miroslava Duma – still remember the first photo I saw, on a street style blog, and specially what she was wearing: a universe dress. Her adorable doll-like face, and the fact that she was extremely petite, combined with her notable taste for fashion, made me google her. A few minutes later, I was being introduced to the Russian IT girls.

Known for their national pride (as you can see from some of their looks but, mostly, the way they talk in interviews); exquisite taste; capability of bringing the inside of a couture collection to the streets and success both in the fashion industry and outside, they´ve been attentively observed by fashionistas all around the world and are frequently front row in the most exclusive and important fashion shows. There are several russian IT girls, but 5 in particular that I really love. 4 of them are part of what is called the Russian Fashion Pack – Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko, Vika Gazinskaya and Elena Perminova. The 5ft girl is Anya Ziourova.

Russian Fashion Pack























Miroslava Duma
She’s The daughter of Russian senator Vasily Duma, and probably the most influential it girl. Always impeccable on street style photos, Mira Duma is even a trendsetter when it comes to maternity clothing. At the very young age of 24 she became the editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia and later she co-founded the Buro 24/7, an amazing website permanently updated with the most exclusive fashion news.








Ulyana Sergeenko
After modeling and becoming a fashion magazine photographer, she launched her couture collection and started working as a designer. Her clothes are the mirror of Russian traditions and culture has they include many of its aspects.









Vika Gazinskaya
Started her own line in 2006, this young designer is known for her extreme creativity and whimsical style details. Embroidery and bold are two words that describe her pieces.









vika7 vika-gazinskaya-9


Elena Perminova
This mother of two turns heads not only for her beauty but also for her creative taste. Every fashion photographer loves her and the question she’s most used to hear is ‘what are you wearing?’.













Anya Ziourova

She started at American Vogue in accessories and has helped launched Tatler and Allure in Russia.








Anya Ziourova at Alberta Ferretti

Anya Ziourova at Hermes