Modani Furniture – Styling a Living Room

Decoration always has been a passion of mine - you can see my personal inspirations on my Pinterest.  One of the house divisions I always preferred to style is the living room - is the center of the house, the place where you can spend quality time and place where your personal style can stand … Continue reading Modani Furniture – Styling a Living Room


New Year Eve Inspiration III

For the last inspirational post - the Jumpsuit. One of my favorite pieces from the last few years and my favorite option when it comes to parties and events with certain dress codes (along with feminine suits, of course). I find it a very versatile piece - you can pair it with almost everything and … Continue reading New Year Eve Inspiration III

New Years Eve Inspiration III

Because everybody loves a good gown, the third option (I must confess it´s the one I never choose) is all about long classical dresses and matching heels. My intention was to make every single detail on the outfit stand out a bit plus give you an idea of what hairstyle and make-up you can pick. … Continue reading New Years Eve Inspiration III

New Years Eve Inspiration II

Because your options shouldn´t only include heels - and because some heels clearly are not comfy thought we say they are marvelous - the second outfit inspiration is all about flats: moccasins; oxfords; loafers. This image was created with Polyvore App.

New Years Eve Inspiration

First of all, hope you had an amazing Christmas 🙂 Every New Year´s Eve I have the same problem - what to wear. Should I pick a dress or a great pair of trousers? Do I want glitter on my clothes or not? And what a about the accessories and the shoes? This year first … Continue reading New Years Eve Inspiration

H&M Design Award 2014 – Eddy Anemian

I must do a "mea culpa"... While I was focusing on Alexander Wang for H&M, this guy was conquering another collaboration. And what a collection! The French designer who just won the H&M Design Award 2014 was inspired by Tilda Swinton, in the movie "I am Love", and by the french painter Ingres. In the … Continue reading H&M Design Award 2014 – Eddy Anemian

Russian IT girls

After my One Lovely Blog Award post, when I revealed I had a huge crush on Russian IT girls, Lena, from Feline Creatures, said she´d love to see a post about those iconic ladies. Truth is, I´ve been thinking to do that kind of post for a while, but never thought to include them all. … Continue reading Russian IT girls