Advertise, accordingly to Oxford learners dictionary is

“to tell the public about a product or a service in order to encourage people to buy or to use it”. 

But long are the days magazines, catalogs and TV were the main source of advertise. Digital age changed it all and it´s up to the brands to constantly update their marketing strategy in order to sell. Engagement seems to be the key word (at least the priority, for both brands and content creators) when it comes to advertise in social media and it´s getting quite expensive as time goes by. 

The trouble seems to be the effectiveness of this new form of advertise – a few years have passed since paid ads were launched both on facebook and instagram and it´s time to face the facts. On one hand they’re proven to be very much effective (for instances, when a paid add pops in middle of your regular instagram stories, you’re more likely to buy. Why? Those adds take into consideration your preferences and artificial intelligence can work too well). But on the other hand, with so many people trying to advertise (either their new paid collaboration post or a brand’s new Fall collection) it is becoming quite difficult to access “normal” content without getting annoyed.

Having too much information circulating, the difficulty seems to be how to process it in order to maximize sales without making people getting tired of the product. Brands use a lot influencer marketing but sometimes their strategy simply doesn’t work – imagine having several influencers practically at the same time posting different photos with the same products. I’ve seen this happen before and reactions were terrible. My point being – aren’t we advertising in a wrong and deceitful way?


After laying my eyes on a BOF article about advertise in the digital age my mind instantly thought about the role bloggers and influencers have in this process and an additional problem – how they contributed to the lack of transparency in the entire advertising process. If the regular customer is capable of understanding what an add is in the typical adverting channels, things may not be that clear when it comes to social media. 

If you’re a content creator chances are you know how this works. But i´ll try to clarify for everyone who isn’t. Whenever I receive a collaboration proposal I know in advance the terms and conditions, which I’ve agreed with, meaning I know what my obligations are and what do I need to comply with. So before I even received the product(s) I already know the timeline to publish photos, instagram stories, videos, etc; I know there will be a discount code that I´m going to share with my followers; etc. 

And since I’ve mentioned discount codes, you should know that either I receive a commission from the sales generated from that code or I don’t receive anything. This means when someone is an ambassador for a certain brand, they’ll be receiving commissions each time someone uses their code. Tracking links are also a thing – each ambassador has one, so that the brand knows how the costumers got there. 


I could write a long post regarding the difference between #ad and #gifted or even #sponsored. Because that’s how you would normally find out what sort of collaboration it was and if there actually is a collab. But you’ll find several content creators using the hashtags without really understanding their meaning and many of them not even using anything to identity the collaboration when there’s clearly one. And even thought Instagram gave a major step towards transparency and gave content creators the possibility to identify their business partners, the only option available is the paid collaboration. What about barter collabs (when the brand sends the product and doesn’t pay you, to simplify, which is what happens most of the times)?

There are certain signs that you should be aware of to understand if you’re in the presence of a collaboration, even thought you might not fully understand if it was a paid one, an ambassadors program, a barter collab, … Or simply a pitch to the brand without any commercial background that looks very much like a collaboration yet it isn’t.

The caption states clearly something very connected to the brand. Almost like it wasn’t even written by the person who posted it. Often, brands like to suggest you what to write in the caption or certain key words that need to be there. 

Hasthags. Whenever you see not-so-typical- influencer hashtags and they’re completely related with the brand – maybe 3 or 4 tops directed to the product/campaign, right after the caption (and most certainly not in the comment section), you have a pretty strong hint that it was a collaboration. 

Tagged people. I´d say this is the most fallible criteria, since many people don’t tag the brand only but chances are, if you see only one brand tagged, it was a collaboration. 

Comment section. Too much compliments on the product? There’s no obligation to talk wonders, of course. Specially if it´s a review of something that can affect your health truth must be told, plain and simple. But when it comes to collaborations, it may be harder for some people to speak out the truth and say the product isn’t as good as it promises to be. Why? You don’t want to look bad. You accepted to collaborate and try the product, most of the times without experimenting or testing it. You can check for reviews before accepting it but they’ll all be identical. Despite doing a full research on the brand before accepting it, I can only have a verdict after testing for a while (long term results can be quite deceiving, so I make sure I test everything for as long as I can). Sometimes it´s easier to avoid collaborating with the brand whose product wasn’t that good instead of “doing bad publicity”. So if you see someone adverting different products at different timings from the same brand, chances are the collaboration went well and the products are indeed what they promised. Again, this may not be entirely true. It is also a matter of values and self-conscience.


This sort of behavior from content creators usually leads to a rather negative reaction. After all, you’re being mislead into buying something without even noticing it was previously advertised. It almost feels like you got trapped into buying something that, afterwards, wasn’t even that good. The lack of effective regulation on the matter doesn’t help, it is all very new and constantly changing. Everything evolves so quickly that it is hard to keep track of how everything is processed. 

So in the meantime, and because in the end of the day we all influence someone, here’s a little tip  – don’t search for the obvious signs. Be aware of the little details. Uncover the layers. Ask, if necessary. The important thing is that you can make a clear choice. If it´s something related with your health such as food, skincare products, for starters see if you can ask/get samples. Advertising in digital age should come with more privileges regarding information, since you can ask directly and without any constraints to the person who’s advertising anything you find relevant. After all, isn’t proximity (one of the reasons) why bloggers and influencers grew so much in such short time?

‟About time, Filipa!‟ – you tell me, after years of denial. Truth is, it was only after I started working with beauty and skincare brands that I began to investigate the ingredients, processes and everything concerning the beauty department. I learned to follow a skincare routine except for those days when you’re too tired to function adjusted to my skin type and so the journey began. A big thank you to those of you who told me to go for it. Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Despite being Fall, I recall those first days of summer when I didn’t have a tan yet wanted to achieve a healthy natural glow. That was when I came across Nuxe, a French skincare brand that uses several plant extracts typically not used in skincare. I knew I had found my beloved highlighter as soon as I saw Huile Prodigieuse – many thanks to the lovely girl who offered me this baby on my birthday, btw!


Although I use it mostly in the face you can also apply it in your hair and body. The shimmering effect is quite elegant, looking even prettier in the sun. Almost every ingredient is natural and it doesn’t use silicones. Doesn’t feel greasy at all, which is something I was afraid of, and it has a very soft and pleasant scent.


Huile d’Amande douce Huile de Camélia Huile de Bourrache Huile de Noisette Huile de Macadamia Huile d’Argan Huile de Tsubaki Nacres dorées


It’s all over Instagram and Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta’s creative director, is the one to blame. He’s responsible for the Italian brand revitalization and for making the pouch bag the it bag of the season. By giving an edgy touch to classic pieces, Daniel Lee brought Bottega Veneta back to the spotlight and made street style way more practical without neglecting elegance. Most of the trendiest pieces are already sold out but one thing is for sure – the pouch bag promises to fit way more than your house keys, a clear contrast with Jacquemus’ tiny creation.

A small picnic basket just like they were made back then.

The river running. People laughing distantly. A pop of color in the middle of all the green.

The skies, bluer. The grass, greener than last summer.

The sun, shy, lightning up our faces, creating shadows. The riverside breeze announcing the end of the day. We were home.

*gifted items – sunscreen and straw bag*

Trends used to begin in the streets. But in the XXI century, when everyone has two not-so-distant lives (the real life and the online life), trends seem to begin in our instagram explore page. That´s where you can find the most popular posts with the latest styling tips and coolest accessories. That´s also where you laugh at memes but I guess that´s not the subject here.

Instagram hasn’t been exactly my favorite place for several reasons but I must admit that when it comes to discover the latest trends and coolest brands, it’s my number 1 source. Finding small brands is basically the reason I ignore all those WhatsApp group messages *cof cof*

“So, Filipa, what shouldn’t we be missing?”

Glad you asked! Chances are, you´ve been seeing a lot of pearls and golden chains, a signficant ammount of shells and sea related accessories (hello, summer!) and hair clips. Lot´s of hair clips. Allow me to show you…

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EN I still remember the day I found out that, inside that ugly piece of furniture, a sewing machine was hidden. I knew my grandma used to sew a lot (and very well, for that matter) but always pictured her doing it in a boring plain white sewing machine, just like the ones I was used to seeing.

Imagine my surprise when the ugly brown piece of furniture opens and a beautiful sewing machine is revealed. It was an old black Singer with the most perfect golden details in perfect condition, almost like it was recently bought. Since that day, I never forgot her.
I learned that the original sewing machine had a cast iron treadle base before the ugly brown piece of furniture which I never got to see. For a child who loved to make clothes for her own dolls a real sewing machine was the symbol of a possible future hobby – maybe something more.

The years went by and the old Singer never came out of the brown piece of furniture again. It wasn’t certainly forgotten, though. My childhood memories preserved her and she was passed on to me. It was when I found out that it was dated from 1923 (which I found out here) and that 230.000k machines were fabricated that same year. It was also when I decided she was way too pretty to be hidden and made her the star of my new vanity.

P.s. I’m planning on painting the brown structure and adding a few shelves on the inside. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

PT Recordo-me do dia em que percebi que, dentro daquele móvel castanho não particularmente bonito, se escondia uma máquina de costura. Sabia que a minha avó costurava muito (e bem) mas imaginei que o fizesse numa máquina branca, aborrecida, como todas as que estava acostumada a ver.
Quando o móvel se abriu, de dentro daquele pedaço de madeira, vi surgir a máquina de costura mais bonita que até ali tinha visto. Uma Singer antiga, preta com desenhos a dourado, perfeitamente estimada, como se tivesse sido acabada de comprar. Nunca mais me saiu da cabeça.
Fiquei a saber que não era o original (com muita pena minha), que antes do móvel castanho tinha havido uma estrutura de ferro forjado, trabalhada.
Para uma criança que, desde muito cedo, se entretinha a fazer modelitos para bonecas, uma máquina de costura de verdade era o símbolo de um hobby futuro – quiçá algo mais.

Os anos passaram e a máquina nunca mais voltou a surgir de dentro do móvel. Não tinha ficado esquecida – as minhas memórias de criança preservaram-na e “ela” passou para mim. Foi quando descobri que era de 1923, que tinham sido fabricadas 230.000 máquinas como aquela. Foi, também, quando decidi que era demasiado bonita para estar escondida num móvel tão feio e que ia passar a ser o centro de todas as atenções do meu toucador.

English Version

Daily outfits on Instagram are great. Sharing those fabulous looks, making the photos seem so effortless… I’m truly happy that it seems pretty normal to have someone next to you, ready to capture your most fabulous self almost every day.

Now the ugly truth – ain’t nobody got time for that. Unless that’s your job (which let’s face it, it rarely is) none of us feels or looks that fabulous every morning. And allow me to tell you a secret… Most of us don’t have personal photographers 24/7 ready to capture those cool street style snaps.

Since the very beginning that has been my main struggle – finding the time and the people available to take the not-so-occasional #ootd shots.

The solution to supply your demands? The mirror selfie. The real quick effortless solution that I adopted almost 3 years ago. The location? The elevator. Occasionally the big mirror downstairs but since people tend to stare while passing by and to prevent my neighbors from thinking I’m nothing but a narcissist, the elevator is definitely my favorite location.

So for the sake of keeping it real (and because there is a huge amount of storage occupied with ootd selfies) I took the liberty of gathering some of my most acceptable mirror #ootd’s from the past year and share them here with you.

I promise that one day I’ll be a street style star. But for now, allow me to shine on my elevator 😌

Clear space for… #1

I receive lots of messages on Instagram asking me which Apps I´m using to take my photos, specially the ones with that vintage look (ever wanted a 35 mm? Well, I still do…). Ever since I bought my beloved Pen Camera photographing gained a new life and that vintage style was a result of programming the camera with the right settings and VSCO edition. I also own an Instax Mini, which I absolutely adore (specially because no one ever looks bad) but because it prints automatically it´s a rather expensive option that I keep for special moments.

Back when I had the Huawei G-Play Mini, photographing with my phone wasn´t much of a option (the camera is terrible, even though it was supposed to be a good one). I remember I was always freeing up space for my dear VSCO and the few shots I took, I used that App directly. Now with the iPhone (btw, it´s true what they say about the camera) things changed a lot in terms of taking photos and my camera finally got some rest.

I guess reading two paragraphs on a Sunday is enough for you so, without further notice, here are my favorite vintage photography apps of the moment 🙂

P.S. I only chose easy apps to take quick photos and maybe do some editing, but nothing too deep into manual edition.

Moly Cam – it allows you to take those Polaroid or instax kind of photos. It has a basic editor and you can choose from several vintage filters. PROS – you can choose which vintage filter you’re going to use before taking the photo and it’s a pretty cool editor if you want to upload photos directly from your phone. CONS – the instant photos don’t look so real because of the frame.

HUJI – remember those disposable cameras? HUJI is supposed to be one. It gives that 35 mm kind of look to your photos. You can’t edit them but I think they turn out to look so cool with that retro vibe and the date on the side that there’s no need to. PROS – it really gives you that disposable camera feeling and it’s kind of a surprise when you see the final version. No need to edit. CONS – Annoying advertising after taking the photo. It’s tolerable, though. Doesn’t let you upload a photo previously taken.

Retro Cam – I’m still testing it but so far, I really like it. It’s an editor which comes in handy if you already have the photos and want to magically send them back in time. You can add over light, textures (to give that old scratchy look), vintage filters and edit the basic settings such as contrast, vignette, temperature, etc. PROS – the most important features are part of the free version and you have a lot of options to edit your photos. CONS – to have access to the glitch feature and to add the date you have to buy the full version.

Dazz – Here you can choose the accessories (lenses) and the camera type you’d like to use. The instant photos here look more realistic. It’s not an editor though. PROS – it really looks like you’re using in real life those lenses and cameras. CONS – you can’t have access to all the cameras and lenses unless you buy the full version.

Each morning, after waking up, the routine begins. Ideally, you have a slow morning with fresh brewed coffee while reading the news. The smell of your coffee impregnates the kitchen as you begin to move towards the bedroom to choose your clothes (again, ideally, you’d run to your walk in closet). You dress for success, as it should be.

You lean to your phone to check the e-mails, just before leaving the house. Gosh, what a boring boring case your phone has. If only it matched with your mood or – even better – with your outfit. You know exactly what you’d like that case to be, what would look absolutely darling. What would make a statement, a personal statement.

That’s where CaseApp comes in. Allowing you to create your own case, it’s the perfect way to express your individuality and make your own statement. Don’t feel like designing your own case or laptop skin? You can always choose from a wide range of cool designs carefully crafted by some pretty cool designers.

You know me – always creating new content. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I had a lot of fun designing this artsy phone case to match with my artsy mood 🙂 As for the iPad case, I went for one of the pre-made designs and I must say that I’m pretty amazed with both choices. They’re super resistant, very easy to clean and – of course – super stylish. The iPhone case came in a cute little dust bag with an adorable Christmas themed design.

If you’re looking to create a super personalized case look no further. You can use the code DISSECTINGTHELOOK20 on your order.

Este post foi feito em parceria com a TI SENTO – Milano.

Lembro-me como se fosse ontem do Natal em que recebi a minha primeira jóia. De como me senti especial com aquela pulseirinha brilhante no pulso, como se mais ninguém no mundo tivesse uma igual. Sempre achei que as jóias nos faziam sentir assim – únicas, especiais.

E como não há ninguém que não goste de se sentir especial, que tal tal deixar uma caixinha de jóias na árvore de Natal?

A TI SENTO – Milano é especialista em fazer os nossos corações palpitar por jóias em prata. Tudo é pensado até ao mais ínfimo detalhe – do design moderno e sofisticado passando pela qualidade, nada escapa. Praticamente todas as peças que escolhi foram em tons de rosa dourado (romântica que estou…), perfeitas para usar quer com looks de festa (olá passagem de ano e festas de Natal infinitas!) quer com looks mais casuais e descontraídos.

Fã de anéis? Somos duas. E como diz a velha máxima “quantos mais, melhor”, a TI SENTO tem uma selecção de anéis propositadamente pensados para misturar e criar combinações para todas as ocasiões e estados de espírito. Pessoalmente, adoro usar os anéis com pedras juntos ou alternar com os mais finos.



Há muito tempo que procurava um colar comprido que pudesse usar com um pendente discreto quer como colar normal quer para usar com vestidos e tops sem costas. O pendente foi pensado para brincos e a argola da imagem é, na realidade, um brinco (deixei-me render às ideias de Mix & Match da TI SENTO – Milano, já sabem como sou no que toca a invenções e criatividade…). Como a prata faz um contraste lindo com malhas escuras, tenho usado muito o colar com camisolas de gola alta em tons escuros.  E algo me diz que a consoada vai ser passada com um look deste género… tirando a camisola que, obviamente, terá de ser beeeeem mais larga…


Acontece que este colar também é a peça perfeita para festas e ocasiões especiais. Como? Basta virá-lo para trás das costas et voilá! Ideal para dar graça a um vestido preto simples ou até usar com um body sem costas. Ficam já duas propostas de looks para a passagem de ano 🙂


A minha grande aposta foram os brincos. Fiquei tão entusiasmada com a possibilidade de criar várias peças únicas (que isto de seguir tendências é giro até andarmos todos vestidos de igual) que julgo ainda não ter esgotado todas as combinações. E como o estilo é pessoal e intransmissível, nada melhor que brincar com formas e cores e conjugar argolas e pendentes para criar (várias) peças exclusivas.



Não estou a exagerar quando vos digo que foram as caixinhas mais bonitas que alguma vez recebi. Tudo é pensado ao detalhe desde o saquinho de seda com as jóias (cada jóia vem num saquinho dentro de uma caixinha) até ao interior da caixa grande. Haverá melhor presente para abrir no dia de Natal?


E para os mais distraídos ou para os que têm receio que a pessoa não goste e preferem que seja ela a escolher, a TI SENTO permite oferecer presentes de última hora através do cartão presente .

Mas como o Natal é época de dar e receber também tenho um miminho para vocês… podem usar o código FILIPAXTISENTO para usufruírem de um desconto todo catita! Quem é amiga, quem é? 😉

Contem-me tudo nos comentários – já têm todos os presentes comprados? Gostavam de encontrar uma caixinha destas na árvore? 🙂

#tisentomilano #whisperitloud #silverfestive