Fall/Winter 16/17 Must Haves 

After going through every Fall show I felt lost. Of course every designer has its own source of inspiration every season but Fall 2016 was too much at the same time to dissect. The same designer can take inspiration both from the Renaissance and Picasso, which is completely normal but very hard when you want to fully understand the statement that person is making.   Making sense of trends it’s not always easy, specially when the fashion industry is giving us so much to handle at the same time (from virtual shows to mixing both genders in the same show). This Fall I’ve decided to do a serie of Fall/Winter posts so that you won’t miss a thing. For the first one I chose The Must Haves. Why? Easy, I don’t really like heat. So in the middle of August I was already going through Fall clothes and dreaming about the cold days. And what better way to start than prepare yourself with this season’s key pieces? I promise I carefully analyzed every Vogue I could (and God bless Vogue Runway).

The Cape

The cape strikes again and this Fall you’ll be able to feel like a Game of Thrones character. I must confess my love for capes… You can be wearing a basic long sleeved shirt underneath and you won’t look basic. Looking for that comfy piece to add to your wardorbe? Here you have it. There’s only one little issue concerning the practicality of the cape (at least I have it with the ones I own) – you may want to reconsider using that large tote bag on your shoulder.

Chloé Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); Gucci Fall 2016 (via honestlywtf.com)
Left: ASOS.com; Top Right: Mango.com; Down: ASOS.com
J.Crew Fall 2016 (via Nymag.com); Marni Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com)

Victorian Shirt

Disclaimer: Please notice that the must haves are not in order (I noticed you could easily think I was playing dress up in the 16th century). Ruffled details, lots of white and see through fabrics plus some lace and dramatic pleated sleeves. When you put it that way it might sound too much and definitely not a versatile piece. But just think how you can create a ton of different looks all with different styles. One day you can wear it with an A-line printed skirt, over the knee socks and loafers and set your inner Blair Waldorf free and the other you can put on your moto leather jacket, some distressed denim jeans and ankle boots and feel a bit more like Prince.

Left: Valentino Fall 2016 Couture; Top Right: Valentino Fall 2016 Couture; Bottom Right: Chloé Fall 2016

Statement Knit/Sweater

There´s no way you´ll feel cozier than with an oversized sweater or piece of knit. And there´s no way you´ll be more stylish than the moment you´re wearing an oversized statement sweater or knit. There are no rules here, feel free to style it the way you want (we all have days when a pair of jeans will do and others when a pleated skirt would fit like a glove).

From Left: Peter Pilotto Fall 2016 (via livingly.com); Gucci Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); Delpozo Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com)
From Left: Versace Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); Louis Vuitton Fall 2016 (via WWD.com)


Velvet for Fall/Winter is my favorite cliché. There´s something so edgy and flattering about it no matter what color you choose. Last Fall I did an entire post about velvet so feel free to check it and gather some inspiration 😉

From Left: Sonia By Sonia Rykiel Pre Fall (via Vogue.com); Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com)
From Left: Fendi Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com); Valentino Fall 2016 (via Vogue.com)
Pants: Zara.com; Jacket: ASOS.com; Top: Zara.com

Puffa Jacket

(Don´t you just love the name?)

After a never-ending affair with the Bomber Jacket (which I didn´t include in the must haves because by now i´m pretty sure my stylish readers already own at least one) it´s time for a cozier and warmer option. I spent several years hating puffa jackets and not wanting to use them because I didn´t find the “Michelin Toy” look funny at all… Years later I find myself tempted to buy one (don´t get me wrong, I still don´t like that “look” but I think I can manage to find a less exaggerated puffa jacket).

From Left: Balenciaga Fall 2016; Rag & Bone Fall 2016 (both via Vogue.com)
From Left: Stella McCartney Fall 2016; Burberry Pre Fall; Isabel Marant Fall 2016 (all via Vogue.com)
Top: ASOS.com; Bottom: Zara.com


I have a little problem here. I´m addicted to fringed sweaters, coats, bags, basically everything fringed. If you follow me on Instagram I´m sure you see a lot my fringed bag. From now on, you´ll be seeing a lot more pieces 🙂 Spoiler alert: I have a fringed cape.

From Left: Altuzarra Fall 2016; Chloé Fall 2016; Michael Kors Fall 2016 (all via Vogue.com)

Vinyl (PVC)

After seeing a lot of PVC boots (remembering Dior) I patiently waited for the return of plastic to the runways. Here it is, the perfect material to keep your outfits protected from rainy days and add that shiny touch.Personally, if I had to buy a vinyl piece I´d go for a midi A-line skirt. One of my favorite trench coats is a red vinyl piece that I usually wear with – of course – a total black outfit.

Left: Louis Vuitton Fall 2016; Middle Top: Lacoste Fall 2016; Middle Bottom; Nina Ricci Fall 2016; Right: Isabel Marant Fall 2016 (all via Vogue.com)

Military Jacket/Coat

We´ve been on with this trend for a while now. Is it ever going to leave us? Probabily. Will I ever stop wearing it? Of course not! If I did a list of all the military inspired pieces I have I´d be ashamed. So the only reason I´m not considering buying the coat from the first picture is because as much as I wanted to look like one of Napoleon´s soldiers I already own a long dark blue military jacket from Mango. Now the military blazer… that´s a different story. Here´s another perfect piece to pair with the victorian shirt and a vinyl skirt.

Left: Mango.com; Top Right: Zara.com; Bottom Right: Zara.com

Pleated Skirt

When the pleated skirts returned from the 50´s I wasn´t quite sure how to style them. It took me a while to put together outfits with pleated skirts. Lately, no one can complain about lack of inspiration when it comes to pleated skirts. Street style at its best shows us how they can be easily paired with statement sweaters and heels, a good pair of sneakers, long faux fur jackets and t-shirts. This season Zara has the most exquisite collection of pleated skirts, definitely worth checking.



First trend report is done, I´ll see you in the comment section and look forward to know your thoughts 😉 Stay tuned for the next one!

Combining Patterns

One of my favorite thing to do is mixing patterns. Don´t ask me why, but there´s something so visually appealing about several different patterns combined in the same outfit. On my last post I told you my opinion about putting clothes together – if you´re comfortable wearing it and if it pleases you, you should wear it and forget about what other people think.

I used to hear a lot of people saying that different prints were not supposed to be combined. It was “too much” they said. But I always loved it. I just wasn´t sure how to do it properly (and by that I mean in a way that suited my taste). After putting some outfits together I realized that I created some “rules” for myself. Everytime I mix prints I end up following these rules. So what are your toughts on this subject? Do you combine patterns?

Different Patterns, Same Color 

Definitely one of my favorite. The contrast between two different patterns with the same colors, particularly if we’re talking about a monochrome outfit, results in something super elegant and it’s the easiest combination to make. This star scarf was love at first sight, for pretty obvious reasons – it was adorable and monochrome 😉

Same Pattern, Different Shape/Size

We all own at least two pieces with stripes or polka dots. If they’re not both top parts, you have a match.

Different Pattern, Harmonical Color Scheme

Guilty of doing this all the time! Everytime I buy something with a pattern I start planning outfit combinations so I pay very much attention to the color scheme. You don’t even need to have matching colors. Just follow your gut and if the final combo looks good enough for you, you’ve got a match.

Different Pattern, Different and Contrasting Colors

Again stripes as an example- I know, I’m sorry. But it was the best way to show you what I meant about not matching the pattern and certainly not the colors and still have a great combo.

Funny fact about this long knit dress: it costed me 5euros on H&M because it was the 3rd round of sales and it was hidden in some dark corner.

New Category – People / Nova Categoria – Pessoas

I’ve always felt that fashion was very similar to art and when I first started going through street style photos I realized why I’ve always been so passionated about both of them: because those are -to me- the best ways of self expression. And seeing street style photos helped me realize how good some people are at expressing their personalities and how good they feel about themselves.

We all follow trends but many of us let those exact trends choose who we are. They take a bit of personality from us. Why do we let clothes own us? After speaking with lots of different people I got to the conclusion of that most of us let the clothes take the lead because we’re afraid of not getting approval. We’re afraid that other people will make fun of the way we’re dressed. Remember when berets first appeared? Well, I loved them (still do) and I bought one. The first time wearing it was…challenging. What about mixing red and pink? God forbid us to do that before it became a thing and started being acceptable.

Trends are just that. Trends. It’s the way we interpret them that makes each one of our outfits a unique statement. This new sub-category is an ode to self-expression and an attempt to show you true fashion icons and real fashion stories. Who are they? Certainly not people who dress to please. They’re people who dress what they want, follow the trends that they like and are not afraid to express themselves. Some are trendsetters, some are even characters.

Because every person has a story to tell and something you can learn from, a different and unique personality, this sub-category will be about People & their stories. Everything that helped and contributed to shape their style and also helped you shape yours. How we all were inspired by those people. I bet at this point you don’t see how… But just think about how many times Carrie Bradshaw indirectly gave you the courage to wear something you always wanted but never did. Or how Leandra Medine interpreted in her very own personal way a man repeller look that you wanted to try?

Dissecting The Look is all about giving you the inspiration you need to express yourself through fashion, art, even decor. So what better new category to create than this one, full of posts where you’ll be able not only to be inspired (if I’m doing it right) to keep creating or create your own personal style but also understand what or who contributed to shape it. I’d love to know your thoughts about this 🙂

Anna Dello Russo via Elle.com


Leandra Medine via theurbanspotter.com


Iris Apfel via Harper´s Bazaar


Olivia Palermo via Who What Wear

Fly Art

What would you say if I told you Frank Ocean is somehow related to Renoir? Odd, but but still possible. How? Meet Fly Art, an artistic project created by Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano.  It could be a name of a vanguardist movement (in some ways, it actually is) but it´s the combination of rap lyrics on paintings. Surrealist paintings, Renaissance paintings, Impressionists, everything. There´s no artistic movement left behind. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé or Drake give another life at intemporal masterpieces, bringing them to the XXI society.

So if, just like me, you´ve always wanted to wear a combination of Frida Kahlo and Kendrick Lamar, you can take a look at rad.com and shop the Fly Art Collection.

Portrait of the Duchess of La Salle (1925), Tamara de Lempicka / 6INCH, Beyoncé

Self-portrait in a Velvet Dress (1926), Frida Kahlo / Thye Blacker the Berry, Kendrick Lamar
Portrait of Dora Maar (1937), Pablo Picasso / Werkin Girls, Angel Haze 
Les Demoiselles d´Avignon (1907), Pablo Picasso / Single Ladies, Beyoncé


All pictures © 2013-2016 Fly Art Productions.

Essential Summer Trends to Pack 

Trouble packing – who doesn’t have it? I certainly do…I know I need to pack light but the fear of forgetting something tempts me every time I look at my suitcase. This post is your (and mine!) ultimate guide to pack summer essentials (and by that I mean the latest summer trends) and combine them. The main goal? Being able to close the suitcase without sitting on top of it. So grab a post-it and take as many notes as you need cause I’ve prepared a selection of very ‘instagramable’ pieces.

Bikini & Swimsuit 

Two very easy things to pack that will allow you to create some very stylish outfits. The swimsuit can easily be transformed into a body that you can wear with shorts, jeans, flare pants or maxi skirts. Your creativity is your limit. I own several swimsuits (i´m guilty of finding them very flattering and elegant pieces, much more than bikinis) and frequently wear them out.

As for the bikinis, this season (just like last year) it´s difficult to understand the difference between some bikini tops and a crop top. Maybe it´s the universe telling you to wear your bikini top with high waist pants and spare a little extra room in your suitcase.

1) Moschino; 2) Blue Man; 3) Missoni


Just a quick question… How do you pack your hats?

Crochet and Lace  

I´m a big fan of anything crochet (except for ugly granny-style cloths) and lace so some of my favorite cover ups are beautiful see-through pieces that you´ll want to wear both on the beach and to go out on warm summer nights or even during daytime. It will all depend on how you style them. I usually go for jeans and denim shorts and add some cool wedges instead of flats.


Meet my Pull&Bear crochet swimsuit that I often use as a body. Paired it with high jeans from Mango, a Fossil watch and Raybans.


Sets, Light Dresses & Jumpsuits

Matchy-matchy is a thing. And what better way to do it than wear a two-piece? If you feel like wearing it together, do it. If you don´t, congratulations! You just won two more different outfits 😉

A wise man once said “a jumpsuit a day makes you forget that you´re having a bad hair day”. Ok, it wasn´t a wise man. It was me. But it has been my motto when it comes to bad hair days. Just tie your hair in a cute up-do or a high pony-tail and the attentions will all go straight to the jumpsuit.

Light dresses, silk dresses, slip dresses, everything that you usually take to the beach with flip-flops but can also wear daily with gladiator sandals or at night with heels. Again, the power of good accessories will amaze you and help you transform your outfits throughout the day.

Women´secret Espadrilles and Oysho dress.


The biggest and most-seen-on-social-media trend (check this post for some cool ideas to wear off-shoulders) is also the most versatile. The trick, once again, it´s to master your accessory game. I´ve made a small chart to give you some ideas to improve any off-shoulders look and take it to another level (those levels being the beach, a casual night out, a daily outfit, or an occasion that requires shiny jewelry).


Flats and wedges. Pack them both. Why? See all the other trends above.

From top left: 1) Pierre Hardy; 2) Paloma Barceló: 3) Paloma Barceló; 4) Soludos




Space Wallet 

It’s a thing for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter (and also pre-fall, resort, you know how that works…) and it’s up to you to make it work because obviously you won’t be able to carry your house inside your tiny bag just like you did with your tote. 

I’m a very practical person so I only carry with me my essentials for the day (forget about giant make up purses and food). I also am a very big fan of this mini bag trend which you might have guessed from Instagram so my biggest problems are my phone (why do phones have to be so big these days?) and my extra large Lichtenstein-style wallet that doesn’t fit 80% of my bags (no jokes). That leads to several problems, including the struggle to find free space for irrelevant stuff like house keys (who needs them anyways?).

Fashion is not practical all the time. We find ourselves trying to keep up with the coolest yet sometimes most uncomfortable and inconvenient trends so I really appreciate when young entrepreneurs come and save the day.

That said, I was more than thrilled when my Space Wallets arrived. They’re literally the smallest and cutest wallets I’ve seen but also the most practical. They fit perfectly my tiniest bag and I don’t have to choose anymore which cards to bring with me – I can bring them all (and we’re talking about more than 10 cards because… You know… Discounts). Plus, I don’t always carry coins with me so I figured that I could also use the little pocket to keep my headphones safe from getting lost inside my bags. The extra pocket keeps your bills safe (trust me, I’ve tested it). 

The Space Wallet comes in 3 different models each with many different colors and you can even personalize them. Of course I had to choose the ones with stripes… Be sure to check their website and Instagram page to see them! 

Portuguese Version

Uma das novas tendências que nos vai (continuar) a acompanhar ao longo das próximas estações são as mini-malas nas quais só cabem mesmo os essenciais. Cabe-nos não tentar levar a casa inteira para onde quer que vamos, como é hábito em malas grandes. 

Dado que sou uma pessoa extremamente prática, por norma ando apenas com o essencial (nada de grandes bolsas de maquilhagem ou comida). Também sou, como já devem ter adivinhado pelo Instagram, uma grande fã destas mini malas, o que significa que os meus maiores problemas são guardar o telemóvel e a  minha carteira Lichtenstein-style gigante que não cabe em 80% das minhas malas. Isto envolve problemas, designadamente a luta constante para guardar coisas ‘irrelevantes’ como as chaves de casa… 

Acompanhar algumas tendências não tão práticas ou até mesmo inconvenientes não é fácil. É aí que entra o papel dos jovens empreendedores. 

As Space Wallets são as carteirinhas mais pequenas, adoráveis e práticas que eu já vi. Cabem perfeitamente na minha mala mais pequena e guardam todos os meus cartões (têm capacidade para guardar até 20 cartões). Para além disso, como nem sempre ando com moedas, uso o bolso das moedas para guardar os meus headphones (e evitar que se percam). Há três modelos diferentes e imensas cores por onde escolher ( lógico que optei por dois padrões diferentes mas os dois com riscas). Vale a pena espreitar o site e o instagram! 

Disclaimer: The Space Wallets were kindly sent to me but all opinions are my own. 

New Category – Art / Nova Categoria – Art

People express themselves in different ways. In my case, one of the best ways I have of doing it is through drawing and painting. I’ve been doing it since I was a little child and couldn’t even decide if I could grab my coloring pencils better with my left or my right hand. If you’re already following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of my illustrations and also photos of street art so this new category – Art – shouldn’t come as a surprise to you 🙂 You can expect posts about illustrations, street art, digital art, new artists I’ve acknowledged and others that inspire me. I hope you like this category as much as I do and let me know what you think about this new chapter on Dissecting The Look.

For the first post I’d like to introduce you Dorothee Golz, an artist who transforms Renaissance paintings into contemporary digital art. The process of transformation, of course, is complicated and questions like ‘will the final results be odd because of the contrast between Renaissance and the XXI century?’ or ‘will the first paintings be ruined?’. Somehow Dorothee gives another life to historical characters and results couldn’t be more amazing. The final work shows some of the most iconic faces in the history of art wearing contemporary clothes proving us that they are, in fact, timeless.

Her work is exactly the kind of digital art I’m passionate about. The kind of art I’d love having decorating – or better, giving life to my house. Let me know your thoughts on this contrasting work of art 🙂

Portuguese Version 

As pessoas expressam-se de formas diferentes. No meu caso, uma das melhores formas que tenho de me exprimir é através do desenho e da pintura. É assim desde a altura em que ainda nem sabia bem se me dava mais jeito agarrar os lápis de cor com a mão esquerda ou com a direita. Quem me segue no instagram já deve ter visto alguns dos meus esboços, bem como fotos de ‘arte de rua’, pelo que esta nova categoria – Arte – não será uma surpresa assim tão grande 😉 Nesta nova categoria podem esperar posts sobre ilustrações, ‘street art’, arte digital, novos artistas que vou descobrindo e artistas que provavelmente conhecem e cujo trabalho adoro. Espero que gostem tanto desta categoria como eu e que me digam o que pensam sobre este novo capítulo do Dissecting The Look 🙂 

Para o primeiro post desta nova categoria escolhi uma artista que descobri recentemente – Dorothee Golz. As suas obras consistem em transposições de personagens de quadros renascentistas conhecidos para roupas e cenários contemporâneos. O processo de transformação, como não podia deixar de ser, é complexo e suscita delicadas questões como ‘será que o resultado final vai ser estranho devido ao contraste entre as duas épocas?’ ou ‘estará o quadro original a ser estragado?’. A verdade é que Dorothee dá uma nova vida a personagens históricas e os resultados não podiam ser mais incríveis. O resultado final é a prova da intemporalidade destas personagens. Este é precisamente o tipo de arte digital que adoro e o tipo de arte que gostaria de ter a decorar – ou, melhor dizendo, a dar vida, à minha casa. Que acham? Pode a dama com o arminho vestir Prada? 

Source: Vogue.de
Source: Charimgalerie.at
Source: Ignant.de
Source: Ignant.de
Source: Ignant.de
Source: Ignant.de
Source: Ignant.de

All pictures © Dorothee Golz

Fashion X Tech / Moda X Tecnologia 

The Fashion Industry evolves very quickly. Trendsetters started to appear from all around the globe using social media and their voice became more powerful than anyone would ever thought. Creative directors had to adjust to the digital era and evolve as well. Big fashion magazines too, when digital magazines and blogs began to take over. Today, Fashion cannot live without technology and I must say that they’re definitely one of the best combinations ever. As a blogger, technology is what allows me to share my opinions and keep up with the latest trends so it’s of course a big issue for me. That’s why I decided to creat the Fashion sub-category – Tech. As you can already guess (and because it’s a sub-category) it will be fashion related only. I will share with you the latest and the best Apps, digital magazines, fashionable accessories for your technology and everything fashion related.
For the first post, I’ll give you what I believe to be the best apps to do your online shopping, when searching for designer clothing, accessories or jewelry. I choose them based on my personal experience, prices and diversity of items. I don’t do most of my shopping online – yet (ASOS is slowly becoming one of my favorite places to shop). When it comes to great sales and vintage hunting, I prefer online shopping, for sure. Why? Well, I don’t know many places that sell designer clothes and accessories at such affordable prices like I do online. I find online shopping specially useful for vintage hunting because you can easily select categories, prices and the most important – quality. That brings me to one of my favorite fashion apps – Vestiaire. Vestiaire it’s an app recommended by magazines like Vogue and Elle, that allows you to sell your colthes, accessories, jewels and buy what other people are selling. It’s one of my favorites because it has the most amazing vintage pieces. I must confess… I can spend hours going through those bags and accessories. One great aspect about this app is that you can easily find the latest collections at a lower price and when you buy something the item doesn’t come to you right away because of quality control and the authenticity of your buy – both checked by Vestiaire. Probably one not-so-good thing about it is that, because people are selling their own pieces, you’ll have to make sure you know the value of what you’re buying. My suggestion would be to search for the specific item you want, filter by quality and price range and then see what suits you the most between the several items that will appear to you. 

Portuguese version 

A indústria da moda desenvolve-se a uma velocidade incrível. ‘Trendsetters’ começaram a surgir um pouco por todo o mundo, usando as redes sociais em massa e a sua voz passou a ter uma importância sem precedentes. Os directores criativos das marcas tiveram, sem grande tempo para tal, que se adaptarem a esta nova realidade digital. O mesmo sucedeu com as grandes revistas, confrontadas com o aparecimento dos blogs e de revistas digitais. Hoje, a moda não pode – nem quer – viver sem a tecnologia e devo dizer que considero esta combinação uma das melhores de sempre. Enquanto ‘blogger’ é fácil perceber o porquê de considerar esta combinação tão especial: é o que me permite acompanhar tendências, exprimir a minha opinião e conhecer a de outras pessoas. Foram, no essencial, estas as razões que me levaram a criar a sub-categoria ‘tecnologia’. Sendo uma sub-categoria da Moda, podem esperar temas que relacionam as duas áreas designadamente aplicações, revistas digitais, acessórios, … Tudo o que resulte desta combinação entre o mundo da moda e a tecnologia. Para o primeiro post desta sub-categoria escolhi o que considero ser as melhores aplicações de compras on-line, no que diz respeito a marcas de designers conhecidos. Escolhi-as com base na minha experiência pessoal, preços praticados e variedade de produtos. Apesar de (ainda) não fazer a maior parte das minhas compras on-line, no que diz respeito a peças ‘vintage’ acho preferível, desde logo devido à possibilidade de selecção por categorias, preços e, sobretudo, qualidade. A primeira aplicação chama-se Vestiarie, é recomendada po revistas como a Vogue e a Elle, e é um óptimo lugar quer para vender peças quer para fazer óptimos achados. Um óptimo aspecto em relação a esta aplicação é o facto de ter peças das mais recentes colecções bem como peças vintage, e os produtos são sujeitos a um controlo de qualidade e verificação de autenticidade antes de chegarem ao novo dono. Um aspecto menos positivo – ou antes, uma questão a ter em consideração – é a diversidade dos preços praticados por cada pessoa. A minha sugestão para evitar comprar um mesmo produto por um preço superior é a pesquisa do produto, selecção da qualidade pretendida e definição de um preço máximo. 

Another great app is The Outnet. If you’re familiar with Net-A- Porter, you might have heard of The Outnet. It’s basically Net- a-porter’s outlet so you can always search for designer clothes at lower prices during anytime of the Year. I recommend the accessories and bags selection, definitely worth your time. After all, outlets are the perfect places to find the coolest bargains.

Outra óptima aplicação é The Outnet. Para quem conhece o Net-a-Porter, o The Outnet é o Outlet. Recomendo a parte dos acessórios e malas. Afinal, um Outlet é sempre um Outlet 😉 

Last but definitely not least, the Farfetch app. You have heard here before of Farfetch since I teamed up with them to show you some of the best Spring/Summer 16 trends. Farfetch reunites 400 boutiques in one place, bringing you the latest fashion to your devices. What you don’t know yet, is that I recently discovered Farfetch’s sales (worth taking a look if you’re searching for designer pieces at reasonable prices). Personally I got my eyes on a beautiful Kenzo bag 😉 

Por último mas sem dúvida não menos importante, a aplicação do site Farfetch. Já falei aqui antes do site, no post das tendências de primavera/verão 2016, feito em colaboração com a Farfetch. Também na aplicado se encontram disponíveis as peças de 400 boutiques de todo o mundo. Recentemente descobri os saldos da Farfetch (vale a pena, tem grandes marcas a preços óptimos) e tenho debaixo de olho uma mala linda da Kenzo 🙂 

New Categories / Novas Categorias

When I started Dissecting The Look I was new at this blogging thing. I knew what kind of blog I wanted to have and though I also knew I´d like to blog about more than just fashion I wasn´t sure how this would turn out. I was also developing ideas that had been on my mind for years, changing my opinion about the fashion industry so it was much more practical to blog only about Fashion. Slowly I added one more category – Decor.

 Now, almost 2 years later (can´t believe it´s been that long!) it´s time to change things a bit around here and create new content that I´ve wanted to share with you from the very start but didn´t know how to properly do it. That said, I´ll add other categories fashion related and introduce the new sub-categories and categories each with a new post. I´m looking forward to show you the new categories and posts I´ve been working on as well as receiving feedback from you.

A big thank you to each one of you. Nothing would be possible without your amazing support, precious advice and kind words. I can´t thank you enough for making all of this possible 🙂 

portuguese version – 

Quando comecei o Dissecting The Look era nova nesta coisa dos blogs. Sabia já que tipo de blog queria ter e, apesar de querer escrever sobre mais do que apenas moda, não sabia como é que esta experiência ia correr. Ao mesmo tempo, estava ainda a consolidar ideias e a mudar de opinião em relação a múltiplos temas relacionados com a indústria da moda, daí que fosse muito mais fácil optar por abordar apenas moda. Algum tempo mais tarde, adicionei uma outra categoria – Decoração. Era uma das minhas ideias iniciais, um dos temas que sempre me apaixonou e que queria desenvolver. 

Agora, quase 2 anos depois de ter começado o blog (nem acredito que já passou tanto tempo), está na altura de mudar um bocadinho as coisas por aqui e desenvolver ideias/partilhar novos conteúdos que desde o início soube que queria desenvolver. Assim, as mudanças de que vos falo são a introdução de novas categorias e sub-categorias, relacionadas com o mundo da moda e não só. Apresentarei cada uma delas com um novo post. Espero que gostem do que tenho andado a preparar e mal posso esperar por ouvir as vossas opiniões! 

Por fim, um grande obrigado por todo o apoio ao longo deste tempo. Sem duvida que não teria sido possível sem cada um de vocês 🙂 

IKEA x Katie Eary 

What happens when two big names join forces is the birth of an amazing collaboration – Giltig being the name of the child. Katie Eary is a menswear designer from London and is one of the the reasons why I want to run to ikea immediately. GILTIG is all about strong and vibrant color schemes that give life to any room of the house and the most creative patterns I’ve seen. The pictures speak for themselves, of course… Spoiler alert: you’ll have your morning coffee with cats.


O que acontece quando dois grandes nomes se juntam é o nascimento de uma colaboração absolutamente fantástica – GILTIG é o nome da ‘criança’. Katie Eary é uma designer de roupa masculina, de Londres, e é a responsável pela minha vontade de ir a correr para o Ikea. A colecção GILTIG combina a moda e a decoração da forma mais criativa possível, recorrendo a cores fortes e ousadas capazes de dar vida a qualquer divisão da casa. Os padrões deixam transparecer aquilo que é o trabalho de um designer talentoso. Spoiler Alert: vão tomar o café da manhã com gatos. 

Pictures Source: Ikea