Velvet Issue

It is fall/winter 2014/15 prodigious fabric. It is soft, it can give you a stunning shape or just ruin it (it is a very difficult fabric to wear).
But let’s start from the beginning: when Gucci had Tom Ford, back in 1994 (sure I was a little girl, but one with velvet details on her outfits, cause both my mother and grandmother have great taste!) and there was a red velvet suit – the same one Gwyneth Paltrow rocked on Mtv VMA’s.
Back then, velvet was expression of a grunge culture – and Tom Ford was probably the first designer to show how feminine and powerful a woman can look on a velvet tux.
Every year (specially on festive season) we go trough fall winter collections and stare at this magical fabric: it comes in a more conservative way (think about a black tux or a small detail on a shoe) or more audacious and bold (an emerald green dress or the eternal and fabulous royal blue).
Either way, designers gave us enough choices to pick the perfect velvet piece. From Saint Laurent to Alexander McQueen, J.Brand or Altuzarra for Target Collab, Emilio Pucci, Elie Saab and even Massimo Dutti – all offering the best options.
I must confess, every time I hear ‘the 90’s are back’ I tend to be very afraid. But somehow designers lately have taken the worst pieces (the crops, for example) and redesign them in order to achieve something great. Velvet is one of those pieces.
How about you? What do you think about this trend and how would you wear it?

How to properly use velvet
Velvet can be super tricky to wear: in order to give you the perfect shape it mustn’t be to tight nor give much. You must be aware that velvet will start to loose shape eventually.

How to accessorize your velvet
With a full velvet look, I prefer golden accessories. The contrast between the soft dark yet shining fabric and a great golden bracelet and earrings or a statement necklace is beyond perfect. Think about the baroque trend to inspire yourself while accessorizing.
If you’re not much of an accessories person, I suggest another great trend: the silk scarf. Nothing goes better with velvet than the contrast of silk and the variety of padrons of silk scarves.
When It comes to choose the perfect shoes, I’d say stilettos.
Careful when choosing your accessories, you don’t want to take the whole holiday season to much seriously.

















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