Silk Scarf / Lenços de Seda

Ever noticed the obsession with French it girls? You must be familiar with that effortless chic look, minimalistic outfits yet so cool (yes, I believe cool is the word).

Well, one of the privileged accessories to get that look is the silk scarf. And if you are only used to add a little scarf during the sunny days you are doing it wrong.

Silk scarves are one of the perfect fall/winter things for those lazy days when you just want to wear basics and monochromatic outfits – they are the pop of color, the crazy pattern that makes it all fun yet chic.

Don´t feel like wearing it around your neck? Then don´t – bags and wrist are great alternatives if you´re feeling audacious.

p.s.: for more info on How to Dress like a French It Girl – I suggest the book. Or just go trough Pinterest boards, your call!


Devem estar familiarizados com aquele look chic mas despreocupado, outfits minimalistas mas super fixes (sim, creio que fixe é a palavra).

Um dos acessórios privilegiados para conseguir esse tal look é o lenço de seda. E se estão apenas habituados a usar este acessório durante o verão, estão a fazer algo mal…

Os lenços de seda são um dos melhores acessórios de Outono/Inverno para aqueles dias preguiçosos em que só nos apetece usar básicos e outfits monocromáticos, porque eles dão aquele toque de cor ou adicionam aquele padrão que faz toda a diferença.

Não apetece usar ao pescoço? Então tentem alternativas mais ousadas – as malas ou mesmo o pulso.

P.s.: Para mais informação sobre Como vestir como uma French It Girl – sugiro o livro. Ou então o Pinterest, a decisão é vossa J

Já repararam na obsessão com as French It Girls?

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Pictures: WhoWhatWear

jessicaalizzi-outfit-1Lovely Jessica from Jessica and Love.


New Years Eve Inspiration II

Because your options shouldn´t only include heels – and because some heels clearly are not comfy thought we say they are marvelous – the second outfit inspiration is all about flats: moccasins; oxfords; loafers.

polyvoreflatsThis image was created with Polyvore App.

New Years Eve Inspiration

First of all, hope you had an amazing Christmas 🙂

Every New Year´s Eve I have the same problem – what to wear. Should I pick a dress or a great pair of trousers? Do I want glitter on my clothes or not? And what a about the accessories and the shoes?

This year first inspirational board includes what I loved the most about 2014 when it comes to clothes and trends – metallics, black and white contrast, midi-skirts and crops.

I hope you find it helpful!

BTW – the picture was created via Polyvore App (apparently I had an account and never used it!).


H&M Design Award 2014 – Eddy Anemian

I must do a “mea culpa”… While I was focusing on Alexander Wang for H&M, this guy was conquering another collaboration. And what a collection! The French designer who just won the H&M Design Award 2014 was inspired by Tilda Swinton, in the movie “I am Love”, and by the french painter Ingres.

In the film, Swinton is Russian; she lives in Italy and wears Jil Sander outfits. It´s that idea of European exoticism that interested me.

The collection couldn´t be more interesting – including a maxi structured skirt that can be, when paired with different tops, worn during the day, or at a party at night; ruffles; lots of white; lots of patterns; wide pants.

Perfect for people who still like to add a bit of summer on their fall outfits and for people who love prints. I specially like the ruffles and the wide high waisted pants, both patterned and white.






Camel – the trending color

Mostly seen on coats – and specially oversized coats, this is THE color. Reminds me of Chloé pastels, Burberry mythical trench coat and definitely makes me think about autumn and why I prefer cold weather. What I like about  this never ending color trend, is the way you can look sophisticated and yet irreverent (imagine a camel oversized coat, white sneakers, black suit trousers and a black shirt). The creative touch is everything when it comes to fashion, so try and add something different to your camel outfit!











F/W 14/15 TREND REPORT – The Poncho

We´ve seen the craziness around Burberry Poncho – everyone from Olivia Palermo to Cara Delevigne has one. Besides, the fact that it is a customized piece makes it kind of unique (and everybody wants to feel one of a kind!).

But if the craziness began with Burberry, it soon expanded to all the other brands. The variety is huge, and the outfits you can pull with this trend are even bigger! Besides, the fact that it is a giant piece of wool makes you feel super comfortable – and in a way, makes you also a walking blanket!

I myself have an adorance for ponchos and capes (I am the proud owner of several!) so I guess this Winter will be perfect! 🙂


poncho springfield2poncho springfield

poncho esprit

poncho zara 3poncho zara 2poncho zara 1


poncho burberryponcho1

Saint Laurent, via Net-a-porter

poncho yves saint laurent




Madelyn from Make me Mad