One Lovely Blog Award


I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the lovely Rose Monique, from the Thank you so much for the nomination, it´s my very first one! 🙂 The rules for this award: you share seven facts about yourself and then nominate seven other bloggers to do the same!

1 – I´m currently a Law Student, in Lisbon. I´m on my second year, and have 2 more until I graduate.

2- I´d love to study abroad, it is my dream to know different cultures and gain from multiple experiences.

3- I love painting and drawing, since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, most of my time is occupied with Law School, so I don’t have much to dedicate to my hobbies.

4- It took me 5 years to finally create this blog – I didn’t have the courage to do it back then, and this year when I decided it was time to change some aspects in my life, I knew It was also time to create this page.

5- I have a serious passion for cats, and own one – Tobias – a 4 years old Persian.

6- My favorite ‘it girls’ are mainly Russian. I can spend hours going through their amazing street style!

7- if I could find a way to mix law and fashion that suited me, I’d be surely the happiest girl on earth!

Now the nominations…
1 – Lena
2- Dana
3- 3freligion
5- Lauren
6- Chereen
7- Marcyjb