Each morning, after waking up, the routine begins. Ideally, you have a slow morning with fresh brewed coffee while reading the news. The smell of your coffee impregnates the kitchen as you begin to move towards the bedroom to choose your clothes (again, ideally, you’d run to your walk in closet). You dress for success, as it should be.

You lean to your phone to check the e-mails, just before leaving the house. Gosh, what a boring boring case your phone has. If only it matched with your mood or – even better – with your outfit. You know exactly what you’d like that case to be, what would look absolutely darling. What would make a statement, a personal statement.

That’s where CaseApp comes in. Allowing you to create your own case, it’s the perfect way to express your individuality and make your own statement. Don’t feel like designing your own case or laptop skin? You can always choose from a wide range of cool designs carefully crafted by some pretty cool designers.

You know me – always creating new content. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I had a lot of fun designing this artsy phone case to match with my artsy mood 🙂 As for the iPad case, I went for one of the pre-made designs and I must say that I’m pretty amazed with both choices. They’re super resistant, very easy to clean and – of course – super stylish. The iPhone case came in a cute little dust bag with an adorable Christmas themed design.

If you’re looking to create a super personalized case look no further. You can use the code DISSECTINGTHELOOK20 on your order.