How to Style SS17 Best Trends – part I

It´s that time of the year again. Allergies slowly start taking control of your life. Bugs everywhere. It´s too hot for ¾ sleeves yet too cold for off-shoulders. I´d gladly skip Spring if it wasn´t for new clothes and accessories. Stores looking as bright as ever for the first time in months. The endless possibilities of new outfits and the return of old friends kept in the closet for so long. Brace yourselves for a series of posts giving you all the info you need to create the best SS outfits.

Spring Summer 17 is a voyage through different decades: a bit of fanciness from the 40´s, something from the 70´s, a lot from the 80´s, a touch of 90´s. Sounds at least eclectic, right? But you´ll be surprised to see how it all blends in.


There is nothing more feminine than a tea dress and Miuccia Prada sure knows it. Bringing the 40´s shape back with other decade´s prints, it´s easily styled with classic colorful coats and fancy loafers. If you´re thinking irreverent, try wear them with some cool sneakers. If you´re feeling classy, lace up shoes are always a good option.

Untitled design (30)

Think about Bianca Jagger and her white blazer. Now think about David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust. Feeling enough inspired already? So now we can talk about how shoulder pads are back and how cool will it be to style them. Make sure you know your proportions to understand what will suit you better because shoulder pads are pretty cool but also tricky to style. I usually avoid blazers with that kind of shoulders but I love cropped tops with bold shoulders. Here´s a little tip: when using shoulder pads try to pair them with something that marks your waistline (like a belt over a blazer, for example).


Are they ever not a trend? There is something so visually appealing about metallics that makes us own at least a metallic piece each season, don´t you think? Metallic pieces allow you to play with different fabrics. Personally, I like to wear them with silk and lace pieces. I got a pleated midi skirt on sales last season (which you might have seen if you´re following me on Instagram) and I’m sure “she” will be a conversation starter the whole season.


Typically, you´d wear sequined dresses, tops, and even pants during the night, right? Think again. Creative directors and brands invite you to shine all day. For a more casual look, you can pair your shiny pieces with denim and sneakers or loafers.


Having a tendency for darker colors, this SS may just be a turning point for me. If, just like me, you always end up buying something black, take a look at Spring collections. You´ll realize bold colors are here to stay. It´s up to you to mix a bright yellow with black and stay in your comfort zone. But we all know the fun happens outside that zone so if you´re feeling up to a change, try mixing that strong red with pink. Just remember that you make the rules, so if you like the visual impact that the oddest color scheme creates, go for it.

P.S. Gradient color schemes or one colored outfits are always a good option if you´re looking for something less visual impacting in terms of contrast. You´ll get extra style points if you play with different fabrics.


Time to set your inner Sandy (the “Tell me about it, stud” version, of course!) free. Parkas and moto jackets. Lots of spikes. Studs. Perfect for styling with fishnets, graphic tees and for a more preppy look, floral dresses. It´s time to take your Doc Martens and Converse from the closet. But you know what else would look cool with all these 90´s pieces? Lace up shoes and a pair of edgy ballerinas.

So, any favorites so far? Let me know in the comment section how will you be styling these trends! Stay tuned for Part II 😉



LFW Street Style Part II

Part II or how to master the print mixing game. And wear fringes. And what about a total white outfit with pops of red? Have you noticed how elegant a woman in red is? So many questions pop my mind when I look at street style pictures. Am I the only one who barely thinks about trends when scrolling through them? Of course we can always spot trends (and this time I tried as you can see) but I’m always more focused on the person. Street style taught me so much when it comes to finding my own style and identity. A person comfortably trending will always be prettier. Not because she’s trending, no. Because it’s someone who feels comfortable in its second skin – clothes.

Photos courtesy of



Watch your Back 

Next seasons will be all about making bold statements and expressing personality. Isn’t that what’s great about fashion? Just being able to express yourself through what you wear? And that’s why you whatch your back – and why everyone should do the same – because you wouldn’t want to miss the real life art show passing in front of your eyes. A piece of advice: if you know someone who’s good at it, or if you know how to do it, go ahead and personalize your own denim or leather jackets (and keep in mind that denim should be easier if you are not an expert). Everything counts! So grab inspiration from your favorite paintings, music, pieces of art, quotes, favorite cartoons (and, if I did it right, from this post) and start your own creative process. 🙂

As próximas estações são odes à expressão da personalidade de cada indivíduo e estão repletas de ousadia. É isto que a moda tem de melhor: a expressão da personalidade de cada um através de peças de roupa, acessórios e, ainda mais importante, da maneira como cada um conjuga tudo, afirmando o seu estilo pessoal. O título ‘watch your back’ (cuja tradução em português não exprime tão bem o que eu pretendia dar a entender com este post) foi escolhido não num sentido depreciativo. Foi escolhido atendendo a esta tendência de pintar/imprimir nas partes de trás dos casacos de ganga e blusões de cabedal as imagens mais variadas e os textos mais icónicos, fazendo das ruas verdadeiras galerias de arte vivas. Se conhecerem alguém que saiba fazer, ou se vocês mesmos souberem, um excelente desafio seria tentar pintar ou imprimir. O resultado seria uma peça única, um original vosso – afinal, é disso mesmo que esta tendência se trata. Retirem ideias de tudo aquilo que gostam e vos inspira, desde pinturas, músicas, desenhos animados, excertos de textos (e, se fui bem sucedida, deste post), tudo conta neste processo criativo! 🙂


Photos Source: 1. / 2. ASOS Likes / 3. WWD (photo by Kuba Dabrowski) / 4. Style Du Monde ( / 5. (photo by Tommy Ton) / 6. WWD (photo by Kuba Dabrowski) / 7. WWD / 8. / 9. WWD (photo by Kuba Dabrowski) / 10. Lauren Conrad (

Bags have feelings too


Certainly you have gone through a lot of street style photos lately (after all, it is Fashion Week). And you must have seen Karlitos hanging on fashion editors bags, small bag chains or another type of bag charm. You must have also spotted great designers whose bags are basically small human beings – you just happen to keep your phone and wallet on their inside.The first thing that crossed my mind was that we were giving our bags personality. The second was that the ‘less is more’ motto definitely will not be a trend for Fall/Winter 2016.

P.s. If you’re OK with sharing your bandana you might want to consider doing what I’ve been doing with my orange fringed bag from Asos. Trust me, it’s a WIN WIN situation and another great way to ‘give your bag personality’.

De certeza que, ultimamente, viram imensas fotos de street style (afinal de contas, está a decorrer a Fashion Week). Devem ter reparado nos Karlitos pendurado nas malas dos editores de moda, correntes e outros tipos de enfeites. Também se devem ter apercebido de designers cujas malas parecem praticamente pequenos seres humanos – nos quais vocês, por acaso, guardam o telemóvel e a carteira. A primeira coisa que me passou pela cabeça foi a personificação das malas. A segunda foi aquela questão do ‘menos é mais’, que definitivamente não se vai manter no Outono/Inverno 2016.

P.s. Se Quiserem partilhar uma bandana com a vossa mala, é só copiarem a primeira foto do post. É outra óptima forma de ‘personalizarem’ as vossas malas 😉


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LFW – The Designers – part I

Another fashion week is coming to an end, so it’s time to pick up the best of London!
Again, we begin with the designers.

Holy Fulton, Spring Summer, Ready to Wear 2015



Jean-Pierre Braganza, Spring Summer, Ready to Wear 2015


Christopher Kane, Spring Summer, Ready to Wear 2015


Fyodor Golan, Spring Summer, Ready to Wear 2015


House of Holland, Spring Summer, Ready to Wear 2015


Marchesa, Spring Summer, Ready to Wear 2015



Marios Shwab, Spring Summer, Ready to Wear 2015



Mother of Pearl, Spring Summer, Ready to Wear 2015