New Year Eve Inspiration III

For the last inspirational post – the Jumpsuit. One of my favorite pieces from the last few years and my favorite option when it comes to parties and events with certain dress codes (along with feminine suits, of course).
I find it a very versatile piece – you can pair it with almost everything and you´ll look great!
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H&M Design Award 2014 – Eddy Anemian

I must do a “mea culpa”… While I was focusing on Alexander Wang for H&M, this guy was conquering another collaboration. And what a collection! The French designer who just won the H&M Design Award 2014 was inspired by Tilda Swinton, in the movie “I am Love”, and by the french painter Ingres.

In the film, Swinton is Russian; she lives in Italy and wears Jil Sander outfits. It´s that idea of European exoticism that interested me.

The collection couldn´t be more interesting – including a maxi structured skirt that can be, when paired with different tops, worn during the day, or at a party at night; ruffles; lots of white; lots of patterns; wide pants.

Perfect for people who still like to add a bit of summer on their fall outfits and for people who love prints. I specially like the ruffles and the wide high waisted pants, both patterned and white.






Alexander Wang x H&M

I’ve never really talked about the sporting trend (only mentioned it while commenting Paris Fashion Week). We’ve seen great outfits coming from this trend, but I think the best is yet to come (judging by the spring summer 2015 collections and the streetstyle during the fashion weeks).
Alexander Wang gives us probably the most bold looks, when it comes to that trend. Would you wear it? And if so, how?