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Daily outfits on Instagram are great. Sharing those fabulous looks, making the photos seem so effortless… I’m truly happy that it seems pretty normal to have someone next to you, ready to capture your most fabulous self almost every day.

Now the ugly truth – ain’t nobody got time for that. Unless that’s your job (which let’s face it, it rarely is) none of us feels or looks that fabulous every morning. And allow me to tell you a secret… Most of us don’t have personal photographers 24/7 ready to capture those cool street style snaps.

Since the very beginning that has been my main struggle – finding the time and the people available to take the not-so-occasional #ootd shots.

The solution to supply your demands? The mirror selfie. The real quick effortless solution that I adopted almost 3 years ago. The location? The elevator. Occasionally the big mirror downstairs but since people tend to stare while passing by and to prevent my neighbors from thinking I’m nothing but a narcissist, the elevator is definitely my favorite location.

So for the sake of keeping it real (and because there is a huge amount of storage occupied with ootd selfies) I took the liberty of gathering some of my most acceptable mirror #ootd’s from the past year and share them here with you.

I promise that one day I’ll be a street style star. But for now, allow me to shine on my elevator 😌


Menswear NYFW Trend Report – Western

Thinking about Fall 2016 trends I came to a conclusion – many of the trends were the same for both genders (soon I’ll give you the full report). Nothing that bothers me so far. My favorite place to shop for shirts and even some jackets will always be the menswear section. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you already know I’m a big fan of the bandana and scarves in general, so you won’t be surprised when I tell you that one of my favorite shows from NYFW was Dolce&Gabbana Fall 2016. The western theme was all over the runway and I must say I was really impressed with what they did to the suits and the embroidery (some figures were not so western – thinking about the Angels and the cat – but still it was all very harmonious). Leather jackets more personalized than ever and scarves on almost every model neck. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong to say about this collection … And I can’t wait to convince my boyfriend to try this western trend! 😉

I’d love to ear your thoughts on this Western thing. Is it a yay ou nay for you? 


Quando penso nas tendências para este Outono acabo por chegar à conclusão que, a maior parte delas, podem ser partilhadas por ambos os sexos (explico mais sobre isto num post que está para breve). Não é nada que me incomode, antes pelo contrário… O meu sítio preferido para encontrar camisas e alguns tipos de casacos será sempre a secção de homem das lojas! Se me seguem no instagram sabem que sou uma grande fã do regresso das bandanas e de lenços e encharpes no geral, portanto não vão ficar surpreendidos quando revelar que um dos meus desfiles preferidos da NYFW foi o da Dolce&Gabbana Outono 2016. Não sendo propriamente fã dos filmes de Cowboys, aquele desfile – certamente inspirado no tema Western – realmente impressionou-me pela positiva, principalmente devido aos fatos e aos bordados no geral que, não tendo sempre motivos relacionados com o tema em questão (havia gatos e anjos também), resultaram numa composição extremamente harmoniosa. Os bordados nos blusões e casacos eram praticamente sempre acompanhados de lenços. Não tenho rigorosamente nada de mal a dizer desta colecção… E mal posso esperar por convencer o meu namorado a experimentar esta tendência Western! 😉 

Que acham sobre isto? Usavam ou nem por isso? Gostavam de ver usar? 


NYFW – The Designers – Part II

On my last post about the designers, there were a few missing – BOSS, Calvin Klein,
And, of course, none of this posts about fashion week and spring summer 15 trends would be complete. Once again, I only reunited my favorite looks.

BOSS, Spring Summer 2015, Ready to Wear




Calvin Klein, Spring Summer 2015, Ready to Wear


Proenza Schouler, Spring Summer 2015, Ready to Wear


Ralph Lauren,Spring Summer 2015, Ready to Wear



Marc Jacobs, Spring Summer 2015, Ready to Wear


NYFW Favorites – The Designers

It’s hard to chose from all the collections, going through all the instagrams and finding favorites. Like every year, there are some trends I don’t see myself wearing today, yet, when I try the clothes on later, I actually love them. Usually, when fashion week starts, the first thing I go after are the street style photos. This time, I decided to take a look at the collections first (after all, it is fashion week…).

Victoria Beckham, spring summer 2015 ready-to-wear



Versus Versace, spring summer, 2015, ready-to-wear


Vera Wang, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear


Tory Burch, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear




Tommy Hilfiger, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear



Thakoon, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear



Rodarte, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear


Rebecca Minkoff, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear



Peter Som, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear


Oscar de la Renta,Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear





Nanette Lepore, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear



Michael Kors, Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear





Mara Hoffman,Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear


Co.,Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear



Alexander Wang,Spring Summer, 2015, Ready-to-Wear