Quit Phubbing

For those of you struggling to put your phone down for more than a few miserable minutes, meet Phubbing, a XXI century modern disease. ‘But Filipa, what is that Phubbing thing?’ Well, I’m glad you asked!

Phubbing (=phone + snubbing). At some point, we’ve all been guilty of this practice. Who never neglected a friend during a coffee to be checking social media? Who never disconnected from the real world once in a while just because nothing exciting was happening around? The problem is when this becomes a habit. When taking photos of what you’re eating is more important than who’s sitting in front of you. How sad is it to see a couple eating their fancy meal yet not enjoying each other’s company because they’re both holding their phones?


Let me get one thing straight: I love technology. Besides I’m blogger, which makes me a result of this wonderful technological advance. When it comes to checking my phone, I’m not so bad… most of the times I ignore it completely. It stays either inside my bag or next to me with the screen turned down. But there comes a time when I want to photograph things around me. Could I survive without taking a photo of that pretty sushi before eating it? Of course. But life is short, you gotta collect those beautiful yummy moments to look at them days, months after that meal is gone and think ‘oh boy, that was one hell of a sushi’. Once I’m done photographing, no more phone for me. I like to think that me and my phone have a healthy relationship and I still believe that the best moments are the ones you forget to photograph because you’re too busy having fun.

‘Oh, I see now… but I thought this post was about fashion…’ – and it is, dearest reader. Allow me to introduce Standfor.

Standfor was one of my first collaborations when I created my blog. I was thrilled when I found out that they were a Portuguese shoe brand and I instantly loved their concept. Behind every shoe collection there is a different statement, a reason for people to walk for. We all stand for something and we can all make a difference. That’s what makes them so special. Their newest collection’s theme is Quit Phubbing.


They were kind enough to let me choose a pair of shoes and these gray boots smiled at me. I especially love the modern design and the sole – I’m literally walking in the clouds! If you ever heard of Portuguese shoes, you know they’re known for their quality and good materials. My Standfor boots are the perfect example of that. They’re leather free, super comfortable and light, which makes them ideal to wear all year long.

I styled them with a suede mini skirt, an oversized t-shirt, fishnets and of course, a scarf (you all know that my life would be incomplete without a good scarf!).

Make sure to check out their website to learn more about phubbing and enjoy your gift card ( kUy7uG8C ) 😉

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts. Were you aware of this concept? Meet me in the comment section! 🙂


New Categories / Novas Categorias

When I started Dissecting The Look I was new at this blogging thing. I knew what kind of blog I wanted to have and though I also knew I´d like to blog about more than just fashion I wasn´t sure how this would turn out. I was also developing ideas that had been on my mind for years, changing my opinion about the fashion industry so it was much more practical to blog only about Fashion. Slowly I added one more category – Decor.

 Now, almost 2 years later (can´t believe it´s been that long!) it´s time to change things a bit around here and create new content that I´ve wanted to share with you from the very start but didn´t know how to properly do it. That said, I´ll add other categories fashion related and introduce the new sub-categories and categories each with a new post. I´m looking forward to show you the new categories and posts I´ve been working on as well as receiving feedback from you.

A big thank you to each one of you. Nothing would be possible without your amazing support, precious advice and kind words. I can´t thank you enough for making all of this possible 🙂 

portuguese version – 

Quando comecei o Dissecting The Look era nova nesta coisa dos blogs. Sabia já que tipo de blog queria ter e, apesar de querer escrever sobre mais do que apenas moda, não sabia como é que esta experiência ia correr. Ao mesmo tempo, estava ainda a consolidar ideias e a mudar de opinião em relação a múltiplos temas relacionados com a indústria da moda, daí que fosse muito mais fácil optar por abordar apenas moda. Algum tempo mais tarde, adicionei uma outra categoria – Decoração. Era uma das minhas ideias iniciais, um dos temas que sempre me apaixonou e que queria desenvolver. 

Agora, quase 2 anos depois de ter começado o blog (nem acredito que já passou tanto tempo), está na altura de mudar um bocadinho as coisas por aqui e desenvolver ideias/partilhar novos conteúdos que desde o início soube que queria desenvolver. Assim, as mudanças de que vos falo são a introdução de novas categorias e sub-categorias, relacionadas com o mundo da moda e não só. Apresentarei cada uma delas com um novo post. Espero que gostem do que tenho andado a preparar e mal posso esperar por ouvir as vossas opiniões! 

Por fim, um grande obrigado por todo o apoio ao longo deste tempo. Sem duvida que não teria sido possível sem cada um de vocês 🙂 

SS16 Trends

Spring/Summer 2016. The moment I saw the collections I knew it would be my favorite season. When I saw the proposals for SS16 I immediately knew it was the birth of the tree B´s – the Bold, the Bright, the Beautiful.  And if flowers for Spring sounds a cliché you should try flowers with butterflies and bees. Oh, and let´s not forget about adding some stripes. It seems that all the greatest designers were willing to leave the minimalism behind and encourage the rise of a simple new rule – there are no rules in fashion.

If you thought “less is more” (but down deep you knew you wanted to look like a walking Pollock painting) this is your season. Statement pieces together look even more beautiful than apart. Details are everywhere. There is no color palette because every color is admissible. There is no specific shape because every shape is the perfect one.

In the end, your creativity will always help you to find your perfect outfit.

SS16 is giving us some of the best trends in a long time with one peculiarity. There are so many trends to explore that every single person will be able to identify themselves with some of those (if not almost all). That was the main reason why I was delighted to be part of the Farfetch competition and style some of the best trends from SS16 and hopefully give you some inspiration to create your own Spring/Summer outfits.

Farfetch is the address for 400 fashion boutiques from all around the world. 400 visionary fashion boutiques with the most inspirational pieces. Whenever I´m looking for inspiration, both their site and instagram account are 2 of my first sources.

Graphic patterns and stripes in general are definitely pieces that i´ll always buy. Playing with those prints it´s a thing you´ll probably find yourself doing a lot this season. Just combine the colors of the different patterns and wear what´s more visually appealing to you. If you think that specific polka dots shirt looks really good with a striped skirt, go for it.

When choosing the pieces to style this trend I knew I had to use the black top (from the first look) because it reminded me of an abstract painting. And what better to pair with it than those striped shorts? And because I didn´t think it was enough, I added textured espadrilles with a bit of pattern. The backpack it´s another great option for Spring Summer and you probably have seen a lot of those on street style snaps.

The second look includes an off-shoulder graphic dress (stripes again, I know… couldn´t resist) paired with golden earrings. Whenever I use off-shoulders shirts or dresses I opt for statement earrings and mostly no necklaces or a simple choker.  Lace up shoes seemed to me the best ones to pair with this dress and because pom poms are the perfect pop of color, I added the hat and the phone case.

To give the cold shoulder – intentionally cold. Ignoring someone completely.

Or it could be a SS16 trend that consists in showing your neckline and shoulders or just a bit of your shoulders – either way it will look amazing on you. The versatility of off-shoulder pieces (from dresses to all kind of shirts and tops) amazes me. There are so many perfect looks you can create using this trend. To show you this versatility I created two looks, one with jeans and the other with a dress. Because there´s nothing more elegant than showing your neckline and shoulders I accessorized both with different choker necklaces (a great 90´s revival). Simple but effective and you´re still elegant. I´ve been seeing a lot of off-shoulder shirts like the one from the second look and I always knew it would look very 70´s paired with flared jeans and platform shoes. There´s graphic Missoni pattern on the espadrilles to give both a bit of pattern and color to the outfit.

If you´d ask me what would be an “essential” for SS16 I would point the dress from the first look – the cold shoulder floral dress. Two trends in one dress. It´s what happens when bohemian meets chic. I wanted to give it an edgy touch, so I added a fringed bag and wedges.


For this trend I thought about light colors, beautiful maxi dresses and lace. One of best things about SS16 is that you´ll be seeing a lot of different silhouettes specially when it comes to dresses. Ruffles, lace culottes and denim on the shoes was my first way of interpreting this trend. The different shades of blue are a great example on how you can wear the same color and play with its variants. The trick is mixing lace with ruffles, it rarely fails when you have different textures.

Because I used a floral dress before – which was one of the first pieces I thought about when styling this trend – I choose a lace up dress with ruffles and (again) added the touch of edginess with boots and pattern.

I bet there was at least one day in your life when one of your first thoughts was “I wish I could just go outside in my pajamas”. Well, I had those thoughts. Now it´s a trend and the only contra is that you no longer have that “i´m already in my pajamas” excuse. They come in every pattern and shape just to give you that effortlessly chic look. When styling this trend I immediately knew I wanted a bold approach and not just a subtle silk PJ top with denim. Head-to-toe pyjamas was the coolest trend to style specially after seeing the selection of PJ´s Farfetch has and the wide range of patterns available.

The first look it´s edgier on purpose. I wanted to show you how versatile pyjama´s parts are.

I opted for stilettos on the second look because of the culottes. I couldn’t think of anything more stylish to wear with Pj culottes than those Alexander Wang shoes. Because it was a black and white combo, there´s a touch of gold and a bit of pattern on the bag.

Graphic Stripes – First Set: Kansai Yamamoto Vintage Graphic Print Top; Roberto Cavalli Striped Shorts; Proenza Schouler Classic Espadrilles; Stella Mccartney “Falabella”Backpack. Second Set: Stuart Weitzman “Romanesque” Sandals; Dolce&Gabbana Case; Natasha Zinko Pom Pom Embellished Hat;  Oscar de la Renta Tassel Charm Earrings; Monse Off-Shoulder Wrapped Dress.

The Cold Shoulder – First Set: Goti embellished choker; Givenchy “Shark Lock” wedge sandals; Saint Laurent fringed crossbody bag; Magda Butrym floral print cold shoulder dress. Second Set: Carven latch detail shoulder bag; Stella McCartney flared jeans; Ellery off-shoulder top; Isabel Marant contrasted panel necklace; Missoni wavy stripes platform espadrilles.

Ruffles & Romance – First Set: MSGM lace palazzo pants; Chloé denim wedge sandals; MSGM ruffled one shoulder top; Saint Laurent “Classic Monogram” shoulder bag; Second Set: Sonia Rykiel laced ruffle dress; Chloé “Susanna” boots; Saint Laurent “Monogram” blogger crossbody bag.

Pyjama & Boudoir – First Set: For Restless Sleepers Geometric print pyjama shirt; 6397 piped pyjama pants; Alexa Wagner “Rapunzel” sandals; Victoria Beckham front zip clutch. Second Set: 6397 contrast piping pyjama top; Erika Cavallini piped trim pyjama trousers; Alexander Wang “Annika” pumps; Dolce&Gabbana “Rosalia” crossbody bag.

All pieces can be found at Farfetch

Watch your Back 

Next seasons will be all about making bold statements and expressing personality. Isn’t that what’s great about fashion? Just being able to express yourself through what you wear? And that’s why you whatch your back – and why everyone should do the same – because you wouldn’t want to miss the real life art show passing in front of your eyes. A piece of advice: if you know someone who’s good at it, or if you know how to do it, go ahead and personalize your own denim or leather jackets (and keep in mind that denim should be easier if you are not an expert). Everything counts! So grab inspiration from your favorite paintings, music, pieces of art, quotes, favorite cartoons (and, if I did it right, from this post) and start your own creative process. 🙂

As próximas estações são odes à expressão da personalidade de cada indivíduo e estão repletas de ousadia. É isto que a moda tem de melhor: a expressão da personalidade de cada um através de peças de roupa, acessórios e, ainda mais importante, da maneira como cada um conjuga tudo, afirmando o seu estilo pessoal. O título ‘watch your back’ (cuja tradução em português não exprime tão bem o que eu pretendia dar a entender com este post) foi escolhido não num sentido depreciativo. Foi escolhido atendendo a esta tendência de pintar/imprimir nas partes de trás dos casacos de ganga e blusões de cabedal as imagens mais variadas e os textos mais icónicos, fazendo das ruas verdadeiras galerias de arte vivas. Se conhecerem alguém que saiba fazer, ou se vocês mesmos souberem, um excelente desafio seria tentar pintar ou imprimir. O resultado seria uma peça única, um original vosso – afinal, é disso mesmo que esta tendência se trata. Retirem ideias de tudo aquilo que gostam e vos inspira, desde pinturas, músicas, desenhos animados, excertos de textos (e, se fui bem sucedida, deste post), tudo conta neste processo criativo! 🙂


Photos Source: 1. Vogue.com / 2. ASOS Likes / 3. WWD (photo by Kuba Dabrowski) / 4. Style Du Monde (styledumonde.tumblr.com) / 5. Vogue.com (photo by Tommy Ton) / 6. WWD (photo by Kuba Dabrowski) / 7. WWD / 8. Vogue.com / 9. WWD (photo by Kuba Dabrowski) / 10. Lauren Conrad (laurenconrad.com)

Winter Pastels 

The first thing I searched for while winter shopping was my very own pastel coat. I’ve spotted those colors on J.Crew and was delighted to hear that they were no longer synonym of spring. And since I already knew what color to chose, a mint coat lies now on my wardrobe.

A primeira coisa que procurei durante as compras de inverno foi um casaco pastel. Vi, pela primeira vez, as tais cores pastel em casacos da J.Crew e fiquei super contente por começarem a trazer essas cores para os casacos de inverno (até aqui só tinha visto nas colecções de primavera/verão). Escolhi um casaco menta, uma vez que era a cor da qual andava à procura.

Choosing the perfect pastel / Escolher a cor pastel perfeita

Think about all those perfect pastel colors – the blue pastel, the rose, the orange, the coral, the lavender..  Find the color that best suits you.

Pensem naquela palette de cores pastel perfeita – os azuis, rosas, laranjas, coral, lavanda… E escolham a cor que mais vos agrada e que vai mais de encontro ao vosso estilo.


Jacket or Coat? / Casaco ou Sobretudo? 

The first thing that came to my mind when I first went shopping for pastels was an old Chloé jacket I saw years ago on Pinterest and was never able to find. I immediately though if I should go for a jacket or a coat instead. In the end, I fell in love with a mint coat from Zara and forgot about all the other colors and even the Chloé jacket… But this was me. While the coat gives you a bigger range of options to creat your unique outfits (from a more sophisticated look with stilettos to a more casual one with a good pair of boots or even sneakers) the jacket will be a great option too specially because it will allow you to create a more irreverent look (think about a simple midi dress and some patterned boots or ripped jeans and a statement sweater).

A primeira coisa que me veio à cabeça quando fui à procura do meu casaco pastel foi um casaco de uma colecção antiga da Chloé que vi no Pinterest e ao qual perdi o rasto… Acabei por me apaixonar por um sobretudo menta da Zara e por de parte todas as outras cores e até mesmo o tal casaco da Chloé (que até ali tinha servido de “casaco-modelo” para o que eu queria). A vantagem do sobretudo acaba por ser a maior possibilidade de looks que nos deixa criar, desde os mais sofisticados, com um par de stilettos, até aos mais casuais com umas botas rasas ou até mesmo ténis. O casaco também será uma óptima opção, especialmente para aqueles looks mais irreverentes (por exemplo, com um vestido  liso de malha e umas botas com padrão ou umas calças de ganga rasgadas e uma sweater).


  Source of the 9 pictures above: Pinterest





FW15 – The Return of Maximalism

After a few seasons of Pinterest boards full of minimalistic designs and outfits, FW15 is finally here ready to give you everything you need to know how to create your very own personalized closet. Truth be told, there´s a wide range of options and different styles for every type of person (from punk and edgy with Saint Laurent and McQueen´s Victorian mood to Burberry Prorsum and Chloé´s folk). So, my first advice? Because clothes shouldn´t dictate your personality (and these FW15 pieces really do seem to have gained their own), just decide who you want to be. Follow your most fashionable instincts. Remember that patterned and colorful mini skirt you thought you could never mix with an equally beautiful patterned blouse and lots of accessories? You should definitely try it on. Pretend you´re 5 again and play that dress-up game you used to. My second advice? When in lack of inspiration, go spy on your muses – and I´m not only talking about that secret instagram crush we all have… Dig deeper and watch again those old movies that used to inspire you, that book character you always felt connected with, that tv show where you first had your heart broken by a bag (or an handsome male/female intriguing and mysterious character).

In the end, you must feel audacious, leave the rules behind you and say: “Welcome back, Maximalism. I´m ready to give you a tight hug”.

FW15 JESSICA STAM FOR THE EDIT MAGAZINEJessica Stam for The Edit Magazine

Colors: Venetian Red; Berry; Oranges; Greens; Purple; Metallics

Patterns: Snake; Stripes; Plaids; Polka Dots; Floral

Fabrics: Tweed; Leather; Velvet

Key Pieces: Capes and Ponchos; Leather and tweed Skirts; Wide-leg pants; retro patterned coat (or a trench); small cross body bags (Chloé; Furla; Lanvin); modernist pumps

Accessories: berets (something i´ve been patiently waiting to wear again) and beanies (and with lots of embroidery); hats; scarves (every type of them); headbands ( another one i´ve been dying to wear..)

Jewels: Go big or go home – oversized earrings and necklaces. Every piece on your jewelry box must make a statement.

Designers: Miu Miu; Gucci (well done, Alessandro Michele); Charlotte Olympia; Bottega Veneta; Marc Jacobs; Lanvin; Balmain (for bold metallics); Burberry; Dolce & Gabbana

Spy on their style: Poppy Delevigne; Iris Apfel; Leandra Medine (from Man Repeller); Mira Duma

Icons: Françoise Hardy; Loulou de La Falaise; Marion Cotillard

    FW15 BURBERRY2Pictures (in order): Miu Miu FW15 Ready-to-wear; Gucci FW15 Ready-to-wear; Fendi FW15 Ready-to-wear; Dolce&Gabbana FW15 Ready-to-wear; Balmain FW15 Ready-to-wear; Bottega Veneta FW15 Ready-to-wear; Chloé FW15 Ready-to-wear; Burberry Prorsum FW15 Ready-to-wear.
Source: Vogue.com and Style.com


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Vacations & Inspirations

Finally finals are over and my beloved vacations began – just like my blog posts! I collected a few images of the things that inspired my next posts. Let you guys with the results and hope you find them just as inspiring as I did!

Finalmente os últimos exames acabaram e as minhas adoradas férias começaram – tal como os posts do meu blog! Juntei algumas imagens de tudo o que inspirou os meus próximos posts. Deixo-vos com os resultados e espero que os achem tão inspiradores como eu achei!

inspo1 inspo2 inspo3 inspo4 inspo5


Images: Pinterest

Silk Scarf / Lenços de Seda

Ever noticed the obsession with French it girls? You must be familiar with that effortless chic look, minimalistic outfits yet so cool (yes, I believe cool is the word).

Well, one of the privileged accessories to get that look is the silk scarf. And if you are only used to add a little scarf during the sunny days you are doing it wrong.

Silk scarves are one of the perfect fall/winter things for those lazy days when you just want to wear basics and monochromatic outfits – they are the pop of color, the crazy pattern that makes it all fun yet chic.

Don´t feel like wearing it around your neck? Then don´t – bags and wrist are great alternatives if you´re feeling audacious.

p.s.: for more info on How to Dress like a French It Girl – I suggest the book. Or just go trough Pinterest boards, your call!


Devem estar familiarizados com aquele look chic mas despreocupado, outfits minimalistas mas super fixes (sim, creio que fixe é a palavra).

Um dos acessórios privilegiados para conseguir esse tal look é o lenço de seda. E se estão apenas habituados a usar este acessório durante o verão, estão a fazer algo mal…

Os lenços de seda são um dos melhores acessórios de Outono/Inverno para aqueles dias preguiçosos em que só nos apetece usar básicos e outfits monocromáticos, porque eles dão aquele toque de cor ou adicionam aquele padrão que faz toda a diferença.

Não apetece usar ao pescoço? Então tentem alternativas mais ousadas – as malas ou mesmo o pulso.

P.s.: Para mais informação sobre Como vestir como uma French It Girl – sugiro o livro. Ou então o Pinterest, a decisão é vossa J

Já repararam na obsessão com as French It Girls?

scarf1 scarf2whoww scarf3whoww scarf4whoww scarf6whoww scarf7whoww scarf8whoww scarf9whoww scarf10whoww scarf12whoww scarf13whoww scarf14whoww scarf15whoww scarf16whoww scarf17whoww scarf19whoww

Pictures: WhoWhatWear

jessicaalizzi-outfit-1Lovely Jessica from Jessica and Love.

Cosmopolitan Chic

For this post I bring you the Cosmopolitan Chic challenge – If I were to spend a day at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas , what would my outfit options be?

What would I wear to brunch, dinner at a fancy restaurant (being my favorite Italian food I couldn´t help but notice how perfect this one would be) and a night out with friends at the Marquee night club?

Keeping in mind it is Vegas and the concept of transitional outfits my first thoughts were about the colors – I wanted black (of course!) and pastels for the clothing and bold colors on the accessories – the emerald green, the dark red, gold.

The common pieces were the leather crop top and the coat.

On both outfits I played with the different fabrics and textures in order to create a sophisticated contrast.

LA - day to night 1
LA - day to night 2
For this second set I thought about a more irreverent daytime outfit. And because an LBD can never disappoint you the common piece is precisely the Little Black Dress.