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Daily outfits on Instagram are great. Sharing those fabulous looks, making the photos seem so effortless… I’m truly happy that it seems pretty normal to have someone next to you, ready to capture your most fabulous self almost every day.

Now the ugly truth – ain’t nobody got time for that. Unless that’s your job (which let’s face it, it rarely is) none of us feels or looks that fabulous every morning. And allow me to tell you a secret… Most of us don’t have personal photographers 24/7 ready to capture those cool street style snaps.

Since the very beginning that has been my main struggle – finding the time and the people available to take the not-so-occasional #ootd shots.

The solution to supply your demands? The mirror selfie. The real quick effortless solution that I adopted almost 3 years ago. The location? The elevator. Occasionally the big mirror downstairs but since people tend to stare while passing by and to prevent my neighbors from thinking I’m nothing but a narcissist, the elevator is definitely my favorite location.

So for the sake of keeping it real (and because there is a huge amount of storage occupied with ootd selfies) I took the liberty of gathering some of my most acceptable mirror #ootd’s from the past year and share them here with you.

I promise that one day I’ll be a street style star. But for now, allow me to shine on my elevator 😌


Paris Fashion Week – Designers

Maxime Simoens – I dare to say it was the Modern Futuristic Manifesto. Made me feel caught on a colorful explosion, and I must admit – even though i´m more of a monocrhoatic person, I really loved it. My favorite pieces were, once again, the straight structured dresses (I think I just elected one of my Spring Summer Favorites).



About Céline… It usually never disappoints me! This year wasn’t an exception. I don’t really like floral padrons, specially when it comes to dresses. But somehow, Celine managed it very well. In other words, I’m considering SOME floral padrons thanks to this collection…



Acne Studios and their coats… If I had the money, I would definitely buy them all. Great for first days of Spring, to pair with light above the knee dresses and high waisted shorts.


Dior did something I’m always dying to see: how to wear a good crop top, and how to kill in it. And frankly, pairing a crop top with that kind of skirts made me fall in love all over again with that trend. The pastel colored suits with the buttons were another object of desire for next SS.



Isabel Marant. Between the short dresses with black and white padrons, the leather details, the leather pieces mixed with fur and the amazing pallet, I got lost. I’m always very careful when it comes to wear leather. Sometimes, even a bit afraid of the way I might look.




Paris Fashion Week – the designers

I’m definitely in love with Paris fashion week and everything related. The Balmain spring summer 2015 ready to wear collection. It has the perfect pallet, reminded me constantly of Piet Mondrian (one of my favorite inspirations) and the Yves Saint Laurent day dress, back in 1965′ fall.
Being a person who is crazy about every combination that evolves black, this collection was a delightful surprise. Once again, the A line skirts and dresses and the wide high waisted trousers are a constant.





Carven, another favorite. Once again, I find myself amazed with the colors! The snake padron is something that goes very well with sober colors and planarity gives the look the needed simplicity.




Lanvin never disappoints. Going through the collection reminded me of special creations, capable of making any woman feel powerful. Lanvin always shows us that kind of pieces. The baroque trend shows up here, once again – just never though it would appear with Lanvin.




These were day 3 favorites! 🙂