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I’ve always felt that fashion was very similar to art and when I first started going through street style photos I realized why I’ve always been so passionated about both of them: because those are -to me- the best ways of self expression. And seeing street style photos helped me realize how good some people are at expressing their personalities and how good they feel about themselves.

We all follow trends but many of us let those exact trends choose who we are. They take a bit of personality from us. Why do we let clothes own us? After speaking with lots of different people I got to the conclusion of that most of us let the clothes take the lead because we’re afraid of not getting approval. We’re afraid that other people will make fun of the way we’re dressed. Remember when berets first appeared? Well, I loved them (still do) and I bought one. The first time wearing it was…challenging. What about mixing red and pink? God forbid us to do that before it became a thing and started being acceptable.

Trends are just that. Trends. It’s the way we interpret them that makes each one of our outfits a unique statement. This new sub-category is an ode to self-expression and an attempt to show you true fashion icons and real fashion stories. Who are they? Certainly not people who dress to please. They’re people who dress what they want, follow the trends that they like and are not afraid to express themselves. Some are trendsetters, some are even characters.

Because every person has a story to tell and something you can learn from, a different and unique personality, this sub-category will be about People & their stories. Everything that helped and contributed to shape their style and also helped you shape yours. How we all were inspired by those people. I bet at this point you don’t see how… But just think about how many times Carrie Bradshaw indirectly gave you the courage to wear something you always wanted but never did. Or how Leandra Medine interpreted in her very own personal way a man repeller look that you wanted to try?

Dissecting The Look is all about giving you the inspiration you need to express yourself through fashion, art, even decor. So what better new category to create than this one, full of posts where you’ll be able not only to be inspired (if I’m doing it right) to keep creating or create your own personal style but also understand what or who contributed to shape it. I’d love to know your thoughts about this 🙂

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Olivia Palermo via Who What Wear

Winter Pastels 

The first thing I searched for while winter shopping was my very own pastel coat. I’ve spotted those colors on J.Crew and was delighted to hear that they were no longer synonym of spring. And since I already knew what color to chose, a mint coat lies now on my wardrobe.

A primeira coisa que procurei durante as compras de inverno foi um casaco pastel. Vi, pela primeira vez, as tais cores pastel em casacos da J.Crew e fiquei super contente por começarem a trazer essas cores para os casacos de inverno (até aqui só tinha visto nas colecções de primavera/verão). Escolhi um casaco menta, uma vez que era a cor da qual andava à procura.

Choosing the perfect pastel / Escolher a cor pastel perfeita

Think about all those perfect pastel colors – the blue pastel, the rose, the orange, the coral, the lavender..  Find the color that best suits you.

Pensem naquela palette de cores pastel perfeita – os azuis, rosas, laranjas, coral, lavanda… E escolham a cor que mais vos agrada e que vai mais de encontro ao vosso estilo.


Jacket or Coat? / Casaco ou Sobretudo? 

The first thing that came to my mind when I first went shopping for pastels was an old Chloé jacket I saw years ago on Pinterest and was never able to find. I immediately though if I should go for a jacket or a coat instead. In the end, I fell in love with a mint coat from Zara and forgot about all the other colors and even the Chloé jacket… But this was me. While the coat gives you a bigger range of options to creat your unique outfits (from a more sophisticated look with stilettos to a more casual one with a good pair of boots or even sneakers) the jacket will be a great option too specially because it will allow you to create a more irreverent look (think about a simple midi dress and some patterned boots or ripped jeans and a statement sweater).

A primeira coisa que me veio à cabeça quando fui à procura do meu casaco pastel foi um casaco de uma colecção antiga da Chloé que vi no Pinterest e ao qual perdi o rasto… Acabei por me apaixonar por um sobretudo menta da Zara e por de parte todas as outras cores e até mesmo o tal casaco da Chloé (que até ali tinha servido de “casaco-modelo” para o que eu queria). A vantagem do sobretudo acaba por ser a maior possibilidade de looks que nos deixa criar, desde os mais sofisticados, com um par de stilettos, até aos mais casuais com umas botas rasas ou até mesmo ténis. O casaco também será uma óptima opção, especialmente para aqueles looks mais irreverentes (por exemplo, com um vestido  liso de malha e umas botas com padrão ou umas calças de ganga rasgadas e uma sweater).


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Happy New Year!

I know it´s already 9th, but since I haven´t been around i´d like to wish you all a fabulous 2016, full of everything you´ve always wanted! It´ll be a year full of new projects and surprises that I can´t wait to share with you 😉 I´ll leave you with small pieces of 2015!

Eu sei que já estamos a 9 de Janeiro… Mas como não tenho feito posts ultimamente quero desejar agora a todos um excelente 2016, com tudo aquilo que sempre desejaram! Vai ser um ano cheio de surpresas e novos projectos, que eu mal posso esperar por partilhar com vocês! 😉 Deixo-vos com pequenas  partes de 2015!


Pictures are all mine.

FW15 – The Return of Maximalism

After a few seasons of Pinterest boards full of minimalistic designs and outfits, FW15 is finally here ready to give you everything you need to know how to create your very own personalized closet. Truth be told, there´s a wide range of options and different styles for every type of person (from punk and edgy with Saint Laurent and McQueen´s Victorian mood to Burberry Prorsum and Chloé´s folk). So, my first advice? Because clothes shouldn´t dictate your personality (and these FW15 pieces really do seem to have gained their own), just decide who you want to be. Follow your most fashionable instincts. Remember that patterned and colorful mini skirt you thought you could never mix with an equally beautiful patterned blouse and lots of accessories? You should definitely try it on. Pretend you´re 5 again and play that dress-up game you used to. My second advice? When in lack of inspiration, go spy on your muses – and I´m not only talking about that secret instagram crush we all have… Dig deeper and watch again those old movies that used to inspire you, that book character you always felt connected with, that tv show where you first had your heart broken by a bag (or an handsome male/female intriguing and mysterious character).

In the end, you must feel audacious, leave the rules behind you and say: “Welcome back, Maximalism. I´m ready to give you a tight hug”.

FW15 JESSICA STAM FOR THE EDIT MAGAZINEJessica Stam for The Edit Magazine

Colors: Venetian Red; Berry; Oranges; Greens; Purple; Metallics

Patterns: Snake; Stripes; Plaids; Polka Dots; Floral

Fabrics: Tweed; Leather; Velvet

Key Pieces: Capes and Ponchos; Leather and tweed Skirts; Wide-leg pants; retro patterned coat (or a trench); small cross body bags (Chloé; Furla; Lanvin); modernist pumps

Accessories: berets (something i´ve been patiently waiting to wear again) and beanies (and with lots of embroidery); hats; scarves (every type of them); headbands ( another one i´ve been dying to wear..)

Jewels: Go big or go home – oversized earrings and necklaces. Every piece on your jewelry box must make a statement.

Designers: Miu Miu; Gucci (well done, Alessandro Michele); Charlotte Olympia; Bottega Veneta; Marc Jacobs; Lanvin; Balmain (for bold metallics); Burberry; Dolce & Gabbana

Spy on their style: Poppy Delevigne; Iris Apfel; Leandra Medine (from Man Repeller); Mira Duma

Icons: Françoise Hardy; Loulou de La Falaise; Marion Cotillard

    FW15 BURBERRY2Pictures (in order): Miu Miu FW15 Ready-to-wear; Gucci FW15 Ready-to-wear; Fendi FW15 Ready-to-wear; Dolce&Gabbana FW15 Ready-to-wear; Balmain FW15 Ready-to-wear; Bottega Veneta FW15 Ready-to-wear; Chloé FW15 Ready-to-wear; Burberry Prorsum FW15 Ready-to-wear.
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Summer Blues / Azuis de Verão

One of the pre fall 2015 collections i´ve been loving is the Dolce & Gabbana inspired by Maiolica pottery from the Renaissance. Perfect transposition of the Mediterranean culture – which i´m passionate about. This collection happens to be also one of my favorites for this summer (althought it´s pre fall) specially cause it reminds me of Portuguese tiles one of the biggest Portuguese marks when it comes to Arts and Culture.

I´m still not sure which piece I like the most but I would definitely wear a complete look with this beautiful padron.

How would you style this trend and what do you think about it?

Uma das coleções pre fall 2015 que mais gostei foi a da Dolce & Gabbana, inspirada na cerâmica renascentista de Maiolica. Transpõe perfeitamente a cultura mediterrânea, a qual eu adoro. Esta coleção é uma das minhas favoritas para este verão (apesar de ser pre fall) principalmente porque me faz lembrar o Azulejo Português, uma das nossas maiores marcas no que toca à arte e cultura.

Ainda não tenho bem a certeza de que peça gosto mais, embora definitivamente optasse por usar um look completo com este padrão.

Como interpretariam esta tendência e o que acham dela?


IMG_6301IMG_6299IMG_6297IMG_6296Pictures are from: Pinterest, SheInside, Bainha de Copas



Cosmopolitan Chic

For this post I bring you the Cosmopolitan Chic challenge – If I were to spend a day at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas , what would my outfit options be?

What would I wear to brunch, dinner at a fancy restaurant (being my favorite Italian food I couldn´t help but notice how perfect this one would be) and a night out with friends at the Marquee night club?

Keeping in mind it is Vegas and the concept of transitional outfits my first thoughts were about the colors – I wanted black (of course!) and pastels for the clothing and bold colors on the accessories – the emerald green, the dark red, gold.

The common pieces were the leather crop top and the coat.

On both outfits I played with the different fabrics and textures in order to create a sophisticated contrast.

LA - day to night 1
LA - day to night 2
For this second set I thought about a more irreverent daytime outfit. And because an LBD can never disappoint you the common piece is precisely the Little Black Dress.

New Year Eve Inspiration III

For the last inspirational post – the Jumpsuit. One of my favorite pieces from the last few years and my favorite option when it comes to parties and events with certain dress codes (along with feminine suits, of course).
I find it a very versatile piece – you can pair it with almost everything and you´ll look great!
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New Years Eve Inspiration III


Because everybody loves a good gown, the third option (I must confess it´s the one I never choose) is all about long classical dresses and matching heels.

My intention was to make every single detail on the outfit stand out a bit plus give you an idea of what hairstyle and make-up you can pick. I prefer strong colors though I wouldn´t apply that to the 4th outfit – for that one I would say nudes and pastels.

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