The Bonnit 

When It comes to rainy days I’m never happy about my outfit or my hair. I believe most of you understand what I’m talking about… Sometimes you even have a great outfit prepared and then you come to realize that it won’t work either because it’s not practical or just because you don’t feel like wearing it. Spring in Portugal it’s usually very pleasant. However, this Spring we’ve been dealing with considerable amounts of water. Non Stop. So it was the perfect time to try some new trends. One of my major problems about rainy days was spending the entire day hidden in a trenchcoat and trying to keep my hair dry. Not only was insignificant if I was wearing a tracksuit under but I also would always end up ruining my hair due to humidity issues (my curls don’t deal very well with that kind of weather). Of course this was all about to change because of a streetstyle photo from fashion week and a very special Instagram account. That was the moment I realized transparent trenchcoats and jackets would save my outfit and bonnets would keep my hair perfect (just ask Rihanna if you have any doubts about it). As for trenchcoats, of course I fell for the Burburry transparent trench. But as for the bonnet… Well, that’s another thing.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear via


Rihanna wearing Maison Michel PVC Rain Bonnet via
Christine, MSFW, via


I found The Bonnit through Instagram and instantly fell in love with the concept. As a vintage lover, I’m thrilled whenever people give life again to old trends. And The Bonnit was no exception (just look at their logo!). Until I found them on Instagram I never saw an affordable yet stylish bonnet. The design is amazing, the patterns they offer are very fashionable (I almost couldn’t choose between the little stars and the polka dots and feathers). Each Bonnit package contains two Bonnits, one simple and the other with pattern. They were kind enough to send me a package and I can assure you their costume care is marvelous, so I would recommend them to anyone.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this trend!





The Bonnit Patterns