The Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit

The Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit

Hi Everyone,

Whilst each clothing brand has a story to tell about how it began, I doubt there are many quite as spectacular as the beginning of the Swiss sustainable denim label “The Blue Suit”.

A story about just how powerful women can be when they set their mind to it. The Blue Suit has 2 main founders Yvonne Vermeulen and Karen Rauschenbach.

Karen had an exciting career at a big aerospace company. Including leading the transportation and assembly for one of the certification tests for the A380, the world’s biggest civil aircraft. A project that lasted 4 years and took her to many different countries.

Yvonne was the Head Designer and Buyer for a big Dutch fashion company and was based in the Far East. From here she traveled around the Globe visiting manufacturing facilities in India, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and Turkey. After seeing too many negative and immoral sides of the textile industry in the Far East Yvonne moved back to Europe/Italy and started her own collection and consulted other big fashion companies.

Keep on reading for the full “Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit”.


The Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit

The Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit

To continue the story behind my sustainable denim jumpsuit…

in 2016 both Yvonne and Karen take a sabbatical and meet. In 2017 they get together with another friend of theirs Ingrid to start working on the first product and brand ideas for the Blue suit.

The Blue Suit GmbH” is founded by Karen and Yvonne in 2018. With the first presentation of their sustainable denim collection at the Modefabrik in Amsterdam.


The Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit

In 2022 The Blue Suit achieved the Cradle to Cradle® certification. The most stringent to fulfil,  based on the following five principles: Material Health, Product Circularity, Clean Air & Climate Protection, Water & Soil Stewardship, and Social Fairness.

Read more about the various sustainable initiatives here.


The Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit

Over time The Blue Suit has become one of the best sustainable fashion labels in Switzerland. Better still they ship globally.

All pieces are timeless and designed to last many seasons, including this denim jumpsuit. They are made in Italy, in small, family-run companies with great heritage. Only organic and biodegradable colours are used. The materials are organic or recycled and only untreated wooden buttons and nickel free pins are used.


The Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit

Personally I am a huge fan of The Blue Suit and find myself combining the pieces I own with almost anything else I have in my wardrobe too.

See here for pictures of some other pieces I also love wearing:

The Story Behind My Sustainable Denim Jumpsuit

Black pants available online here

Vest available online here

Black shirt available online here

Stretch denim jumpsuit available online here



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