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Top 10 Tips for San Francisco

Hi Everyone, Anyone also following FunkyForty on Instagram will know that in August I spent an awesome 2 weeks in California – doing the ultimate road trip. To begin with we spent…

The Secret Power of Femininity

Hi Everyone, In a world where we are often lead to believe that mostly men make it to the top in business, where in many cultures it is still the men that…

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Summer 2023 Maxi Dress Haul

Hi Everyone, Summer is in the city for sure – it’s a super hot one this year. Surprisingly though is that I’ve really noticed that despite the heat – or is it…

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The Secret to the Perfect Mothers Day Gift!

Hi Everyone, Can’t believe in only 3 more sleeps it’s already Mothers Day. Have you ever considered going back in your memories to think of the favourite times you had with your Mum…

A Touch of Blue Zone for Your Skin

Hi Everyone, As an introduction a Blue Zone is a place in the world where people tend to live the longest. Reading a book about the world’s Blue Zones, inspired Manuela Stanisic…


The Secret Swiss Madelaine Recipe

Hi Everyone, Madeleine’s are one of those things we all believe to be tricky to bake. In fact I was one of them – having tried and failed in the past. However…


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